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Cutting Ties With Social Media

Allowing yourself to break free

A life exists beyond whatever social media can temporarily offer you. Smartphones have become a product of our lives as we know it. It seems that no matter where you go, no matter who you encounter, you see it. Someone is always overly invested into their phones.

There is always something new that phones have to offer. There is always something new that you can see or do, that your smart phone may bring. Different apps you can download, and invest your time in regularly. “Follow me on twitter” “@ me on Instagram.” We see it often, and consistently. These apps have ultimately become a product of our realities entirely.

Although apps are great, many peoples lives have seemingly become too invested into them. “What’s trending on twitter” and “How many likes you got on that last post” seem to be of considerable importance when it comes to the life you are living.

It seems that the idea of being present, and having a life beyond these apps, is non-existent. Life in a way, has become revolved around these social media platform and put on hold outside of them.

When did the importance of life become “what’s trending on twitter” or “How many followers you have on Instagram,” compared to the idea of how one can actually live their lives outside of it all?  When did we allow these platforms to define us, and our lives completely?

Many of these social media platforms, that we have come to know and love today, have become a major distraction to us all. They have become a distraction to our ability to lead/live a life full of happiness, and contentment without the need to have societies approval.

It has ripped us away from actually living our lives fully. It has pulled us into the concept of feeling that we have to “check” that most recent post, or that we have to post everything we do in our lives onto these platforms.

Social Media has its perks, but it has placed us into this endless cycle, one that seems impossible to break. Sure, these platforms may temporarily bring you “joy,” but they have also taken you away from the ability to be present, and live life as we have always intended to.

They have become a product of who we are entirely. We allow these platforms to define us without question.

That once beauty you saw in yourself, that one you were once so confident in, has simmered down to a dull spark since Instagram has come into your life. It has taken us away from the ability to see, love, and appreciate all that we truly are, and all that we truly have to offer. It has obscured our image of self, the world, and of how we initially perceive life overall.

Your beauty is not defined by that “fitness-model” on Instagram. Your personality is not defined by what that random person had to say about your last tweet. Your life is not defined by social media, or what any one you may encounter on social media has to say about it. You are your own person.

Yet how many of you actually allow yourself to believe that concept?  Since social media has come into your life, how many of you can honestly say that you believe these apps do not define you? That what that person said on your Instagram post, didn’t affect you. Or that the amount of likes you got today didn’t sway your mood for the rest of the day. How many of you can truly say that, and believe it? Very few I’m sure.

Social Media is draining. It’s a platform that has allowed you to completely forget who you are beyond it. It’s a place that has not only kept you from actually living your life, but has also swayed your perception entirely. In a way, social media has become a place where it’s “okay” to be cruel to others.

It’s become a platform of drama, toxicity, and competition. A place where we are constantly pitting one against the other. I mean honestly, how often do you find yourself swept up in the latest drama that the comments of Instagram hold? Or the newest drama twitter brings? Often I’m sure.

When you are so wrapped up into these apps, it’s easy to become a part of the “drama” that you never would have imagined being a part of some years ago. It’s easy to lose sight of who you were going into it, and It’s easy to forget that life is still happening outside of it.

Social media has its perks, but it also has its faults. When you find yourself going every single day where you are constantly on these apps, and when being on Instagram, or twitter, has become more important than actually living your life outside of it all, it has then become a problem.

When these apps have become your way of life, you are initially missing out on an amazing opportunity that this life has to offer you. You are keeping yourself from actually living life to it’s fullest. Not only will the energy you are putting into these apps have been wasted, the ability to detach yourself from it all, won’t come easy.

Life is not meant to be revolved around these social media platforms. It’s not meant to be absorbed by your phone. It’s not meant to have countless hours wasted upon what’s, “trending on twitter.” Or to “update your latest post.” It’s meant for so much more.

If you allow yourself to step away from the toxicity social media brings, to disconnect from all that your phone has to offer you, you are allowing yourself the ability to actually explore the life you have been given to live. You are opening your eyes to all that truly matters in the world, and allowing yourself to see all the beauties that life has to offer you, beyond whatever any app can bring.

Life holds so much more meaning than whatever these platforms may have to offer. Yes, it’s okay to have these apps. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay to use these platforms to spread positivity, stay connected, meet new people, be informed, or to simply be heard. But these platforms should not define who you are. They should not be where the most of your time is spent.

Boredom is a gateway to creativity. Boredom is an opportunity to experiment, and figure out those hidden talents you never knew existed.

Life is here, Life is now. It’s waiting and ready for you to embrace it. Those apps, that social media platform should not define who you are. For the only approval you need is your own, your opinion is what matters most. Don’t allow these platforms to continue to control your life or how it is lived. Don’t allow these apps to continue to sway your opinion of self, or of the world around you.

The opportunities you have outside of these platforms are endless. Allow yourself to cut ties and disconnect for a while. Allow yourself the ability to go a week, a few days, or even a few months without the care of what those apps may bring. Take a chance to breathe in the beauties that the world has to offer.

If you allow yourself to let go of these apps, and release those binds it has upon you, even for a little while, it will allow you to find a connectedness within yourself, and all that surrounds you. One you’ve only ever dreamed of feeling.

I promise you, any experience you have outside of these apps will bring you so much more satisfaction than whatever they temporarily had to offer you. True happiness will not find you if you continue to allow these apps to control the life that you lead.  Take some time off, disconnect for a while. Cut the ties you have with social media, and look up. I promise you, in a month from now, social media will still be there.

Cut ties, and allow yourself the ability break free, even if only for a little while.


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