Daily Habits to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Dream Catcher.daily habits to make your Dreams a reality

If you would’ve told me a year ago I’d be where I am today I wouldn’t have believed you. I’ve just begun ascending the steps toward accomplishing my dreams and I’m beyond elated to keep climbing. Here are my top tips to start getting where you want to be, and stay motivated doing it.

The All-Knowing Question

Since I first heard this question, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. You might wanna sit down for a good think and ponder this one: what would you do, even if you were guaranteed failure?

What do you love so much that you love it even when you fail? This is incredibly important because no matter what we do, failure is inevitable. So, why not just do what you love from the get-go?

Just Do It

Nike said it best, just do it. When it boils down to it, in order to accomplish what you want in this world you have to actually do it. Yes, planning and preparing are helpful but at the end of the day you either do it or you don’t. DO IT. You probably have an idea in the back of your mind as you’re reading this of what your “it” is. Go for it!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Along the lines of the last tip, in order to improve you have to fail, fall, stumble, and everything in-between in order to get to that place you want to be. Practice your craft. Whether it’s sitting down everyday and writing, painting, studying, or doing whatever applies to your goals, do it and then do it a million more times.

Move Forward & Look Backward

It’s a fallacy believing that our pasts hold no relevance. They are why we are here today. The key is moving forward and only looking back.

Take action each day moving you forward to where you want to be, while at the same time reflecting upon where you came from. Especially on the tough days when it seems your dreams are unattainable. Take a moment and look at where you were when you began this quest. Pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve made it and then keep going.

Community is Key 

You are who you hangout with. Simple as that. Not until you surround yourself with driven, like-minded individuals will you fully realize this. You won’t get anywhere surrounded with complacency. Befriend people who do what you want to do, learn from them, collaborate, and challenge your currently-held ideas.

You Are What You Consume

Similarly, what you consume plays a massive role in shaping who you are. From your Instagram to what TV shows you watch and books you read, make sure they contribute to your life in some way. Whether that’s through motivation or thought provocation ensure the role is positive.

Love the Fear

Nothing is as scary as embracing the vulnerability that comes along with pursuing what you love with your entirety. Embrace it. As I’ve said again and again fear means you’re doing something right. Fear comes from the unknown and that’s the exact space you want to be in. If you aren’t scared, then you aren’t actively making strides toward the life you desire that’s technically currently unknown to you.

These are my personal tips of what has worked for me thus far. I’m sure, alongside my aspirations, these will shift over time. At the end of the day, you know whether or not you’ve used the past 24-hours getting closer to your dreams.

What have you done today? What will you do tomorrow?

Photo by Jonas Geschke on Unsplash