Daydreams Only Get You So Far, It’s Time to Work Hard

Patience is key in visualizing and getting to the place we want to be in life. But, this is only one piece of the puzzle. You can’t just sit and journal and dream. You have to get out there, work, and take action in the steps of all that you want and can be.

Dream All the Dreams

Don’t get me wrong, dreaming is a major part of the puzzle here. In order to accomplish and become everything that you want, you first must know what that even is.

When you’re totally zoned out in class, what are you thinking about? What is the one activity that, no matter how much you do it, you never tire of? The thing that you simultaneously lose and find yourself in: that’s it.

This step is a bit harder than it sounds for often times the things that we are most passionate about don’t scream “make a career or life out of me.”

The key in identifying what direction you want to go is to witness what you do and don’t enjoy with zero judgement. If you wholeheartedly follow your passions, they will take you exactly where you need to go.

Your dreams here can range from career goals to relationships you want to cultivate, whatever you desire in your future you are worthy of.

Work from the Inside Out

Now that you’ve identified something that you want in life, it’s time to focus inward. In order to cultivate the reality we desire, we must first create that reality.┬áThe way you perceive this world defines your experience within it.

To create the world you want, you first must witness the steadfast truth that you are worthy and capable of everything.

Repeat that to yourself until you believe it within the depths of your being. Find accomplishments and attributes each day to praise yourself for. Really work on the relationship you have with yourself. This is likely the most difficult step, but well worth it.

Learning to love yourself and who you truly are, allows you to contribute to this world and your endeavors fully. This takes you that much closer to the life you’ve always dreamt of.

Furthermore, seeing how many positive things you possess, allows you to see all the positivity in the world around you too. You begin to see that perhaps much of this world you’re dreaming of all the time, already exists.

Now that you’ve done the inner work, it’s time to take the action steps that will expedite your journey.


Identify the Action Steps

Compile a list or description of what you want to accomplish or the things that exist in this dream life you’re wishing for.

Now, for each thing or category write some action steps that will take you one step closer to accomplishing these things. For instance, if you want to become more physically fit, your action step could be to jog for thirty-minutes each day.

Don’t overwhelm yourself here and make the action steps to lofty. Keep them reasonable. But this exemplifies the fact that the only thing standing between where you are and want to be is you.

The aspirations you’ve always thought were so far away aren’t nearly as distant as they seem, huh?

Get to Work

The simplest step but often most avoided: working.

You’ve done the inner work and you’ve identified some key steps in achieving all you aspire to be. Take those action steps, put your head down, and get going!

If you’re really following your passion, this won’t seem too much like work. Also note that just because you pursue what you love, doesn’t mean comes easy.

Often times risking judgement in regard to our passions is much scarier than pursuing something we don’t care much for.

But doesn’t the chance of achieving everything you could ever want outweigh the safety net of reliable mediocrity? Push through. No one ever regretted working hard.

Witness Everything Come to Fruition

Knowing your own power unlocks anything you can and will ever want out of this life. Not only does it show you the world is already far greater than you originally thought, but it allows you to make it even greater.

The power of someone who isn’t afraid to dream, and follow those dreams, can’t compare to those staying in the confines of comfort.

As you identify what you want and how you can get there, you’ll be amazed at how quickly everything you’ve wanted comes to fruition.

Cover image via Summit Leadership Foundation

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