Discovering the Chakras and Harnessing Your Prana

Just as color exists on a fluctuating spectrum, so do our individual life-forces. Representing these corresponding ideas is the ancient concept of chakras and the validity of the mind-body connection.

Certain forms of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism emphasize the importance of life-energy and, more specifically, chakras.

We are essentially made of energy which the chakras contain. These energy-hotspots harbor all of our spiritual and intellectual abilities. Any imbalances within the chakras can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.

The Seven Chakras

Root – Muladhara

At the base of your spine, this red chakra connects you to the grounding forces of earth. It contains the energy necessary for survival. Today, these things would include shelter, finances, and relationships. Usually, this chakra becomes imbalanced first.

Sacral – Svadhishana

This chakra sits right below your belly button and harbors all of your creative energy and motivation to  enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Orange in color, the sacral chakra connects us to others and harbors empathy, sexual energy, codependency issues, and addiction.

Solar Plexus – Manipura

The “power” chakra contains our unique, personal energy. If balanced, you’ll feel and act true to yourself. It begins at the belly button and goes until the breastbone powering confidence, trust, and wisdom, but also inflated ego and personal-victimization.


Heart – Anahata

The heart center controls our love and compassion for ourselves and others. It exists right above the heart. While this energy allows for forgiveness and love, it also can produce guilt and shame if imbalanced.

Throat – Vishuddha

Between the collar bone, the throat chakra controls communication. It also allows us to embrace personal truths and tap into love for ourselves and others. If you feel unheard or talk too much, you may have an imbalance here.

Third Eye – Ajna

Exactly where our third eye resides is where this chakra lays: between our eyebrows. This energy holds all of our spiritual, intuitive abilities. It allows us to sense energies and connect better to our reality. Most individuals fail to tap into this energy and therefore experience disconnect from the surrounding world and may even suffer from headaches.

Crown – Sahaswara

Holding the center of our spirit, the crown chakra exists at the top of our head. The most abstract in meaning, it houses our divine purpose and consciousness. Although it’s rarely balanced, when it is, it represents reaching nirvana. Interestingly, this chakra cannot become overactive because it represents the energy of the universe, which is infinite.

Achieving Balance

There are specific ways to balance certain chakras, which you can learn more about here. But, the following practices you can use to become more balanced as a whole:

  • Meditation – specific chakra-centric meditations exist
  • Yoga – or any other exercise that focuses on the connection between the mind and body
  • Pranayama – meditative breath work
  • Stones or Crystals – different types of stones can be used to balance each chakra


Alternatively, you can get professional care through the following healing practices:

  • Reiki – Japanese technique involving laying hands on another individual in order to transfer or control one’s life force energy
  • Craniosacral Therapy – alternative massage therapy used by osteopaths focused around gentle touches to the head
  • Pranic Healing – unlike the other systems, this type of healing doesn’t involve touch but utilizes one’s prana (life force) to engage the body’s ability to heal itself

Importance in Daily Life

Whether or not you fully believe in them, the chakras represent moments of balance and imbalance that we all relate to.

Learning about each chakra and ways to re-balance, allows you to conduct inner reflection and better understand the world around you. In doing this, you’ll quickly notice your energy increasing in both positivity and abundance.  Harnessing this intuitive power allows fuller contribution to your own life and everyone else’s.

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