Seriously Though: The Divine Femme, Part One

divine femme

Ladies… I think we’re coming into a new shift here. One of my gal pals and I were texting earlier this week about a shift we’ve been feeling. It’s been deep. It’s been real, it’s been nothing short of what we refer to as an awakening. She made the comment about how everytime I post a picture of my bedroom on Instagram, it becomes more and more romantic.
 She’s right; I’ve been all about adding in more twinkle lights around my walls, and adorning my coffee tables with bundles of roses and peonies. Plush throw blankets lay around on a quilt that boasts sketches of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by, well, roses.

One of my many life mantras has been to get yourself your own damn flowers instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Well, clearly I’ve held to that.

On a deeper note, though, the friend who commented on my metamorphosing bedroom moved me to think a little bit further – and I realized: I’ve become even more in love with romance; romance as an essence. A sense of intimacy – which is mostly known for having it with another or a partner – but also…romance with the self. With you.

How about if we fill up our cups first, and then let that love pour over.

This is only one layer of the shift I had just mentioned: the Divine Feminine. The return to the “she”: the femininity. The softer and more nurturing sides of ourselves. Retreating inward for renewal instead of looking outside to our jobs, our statuses, our external achievements.
Divine Femininity: what is it to me? The “Divine” relates to the ethereal, the supernatural, an accelerated level of entity.

I think of the symbols and characters who most definitely embody the characteristics of it – to name only a few examples, the Mother Mary from predominantly Christian and Catholic teachings; Freyja, the mystical Goddess who embodies sexuality and fun (sidenote: our weekday “Friday” was derived from her name for this exact reason); Kali, another myth-based Goddess who, despite being in her total sense of divine femme, is also a goddess of destruction – because we cannot step into the new parts of ourselves without disrupting our old mindsets, beliefs, and patterns.

Being feminine… It’s being lavish if you so choose. Enjoying life’s little (and large) luxuries and pleasures without apology. It’s buying yourself flowers if you want. It’s wearing the bold Yves Saint Laurent lipstick you treated yourself to, or choosing to be beautifully bare-faced with no makeup at all. It’s dressing up, or getting down into your soft sweats and staying cuddled in bed.

It’s empowerment, really; allowing yourself to step up and expose yourself in the way that makes you feel good.

Another aspect to this essence: allow yourself to fall..into you. Begin paying attention to TRUTH: what your body is telling you (hint: it gives us cues like those gut wrenching feelings, or butterflies, or the onset of colds). To begin listening to your HEART: those nudges that often don’t have much logical reasoning behind it, but they’re those “what-if” ideas then end up moving us to take a leap into the unknown.

We may be of the Divine Femme, and we can embody this IRL too; we bend the rules, but often break them.

We break walls down so that we may enter another level of us. We say NO when we know it’s right. We have come to the realization that the naysaying of others is merely a projection of them – in fact, perhaps we’ve made them uncomfortable. – not to be confused with intimidation. And we keep doing our thing. Staying in our truth, even if that means surrendering, letting go, staying in and retreating. Again, softening up. Or speaking up. Two different components of the same thing. But what’s the most important is that we’re using our heads for logic, but also using the heart to guide us.

It’s okay to soften up.
It’s okay to be quiet.
It’s okay to speak up.
It’s okay to be simultaneously fierce and loving.

Remember. You can be soft, and still be a force.

Energy doesn’t always need to be loud. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be pushed. You can just BE as you are; you can grow the intimacy you have with yourself by focusing on whatever is drawing you in – maybe it is cultivating more romance with yourself, or more of a feeling of being home no matter where you are. If you’ve been feeling this collective shift, embrace it. Let it pull you into a more sacred space where you can be fully you without apology.