Do Power and Control Equal Happiness and Harmony?

Do Power and Control Equal Happiness and Harmony

Take control of your life – it’s a phrase frequently preached. To be in control is to have power, and to have power is to have the ability to choose the outcome in various domains of life.

Control is a natural desire of human beings, maybe because having control grants stability. To be stable seems to automatically place one on a path to success. It implies a certain acquisition of comfort in where the lines of chaos and order meld into one.

Is this why stability and control are sought after so frequently? What happens when these two desires are neglected, when the perfect harmony shifts and order is no longer present?

To put into less ambiguous words, life gets chaotic.

There are a number of shortcomings that occur and are often unplanned. It is easy to get side tracked or derailed from a seemingly clear cut path, but obstacles are not something to mourn. Yet it’s hard to say that they ought to be embraced either.

Obscure events in life that are unforeseen ideally are met with optimism and regarded as a new challenge. Challenges are one of the best ways to harness power from within the self because power equals control and control grants stability.

With this in mind, an unexpected test grade, a change in career paths, parental divorce, or a breakup, though all hard to deal with, can be made easier by looking at life through the lens of a given challenge. Events like these evoke a sense of chaos and can make it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s crucial to meet every trying moment with an optimistic hand.

The feeling of lost control in life is only natural.

Things don’t always go our way. It’s hard to bend and mold the laws of nature and society to our liking, and there is only so much that actually lies within human capability to influence and change. But it doesn’t mean we should be content with that kind of rationale. Just because certain plans or expectations slip out of one frame of control, does not mean they’re lost entirely.

Regaining power over your life can include a multitude of things – mainly focusing on redirection.

Do Power and Control Equal Happiness and Harmony

Despite setbacks and unplanned challenges, take a look at what you have around you, and make the most of it. Hidden resources can be the most potent later down the line.

Whether these resources are the people and support networks around you, a backup agenda, or well needed time for a breather, redirecting in any event should consist of pausing and reflecting on the the setting around you. From there, think about how to make the most of it in light of whatever situation you may be facing.

Draw on your interests and what makes you happy.

It’s easy to regain balance in forms of familiar comfort. Happiness is where we find strength. Utilize what gives you a sense of ease and apply it to your life in daily doses. It’ll make each day seem that much more obtainable.

Think about what you’re grateful for.

It’s an extremely powerful way to remain optimistic even when times can seem hopelessly bleak. Reach out to family and friends, drawing on their strength if necessary to replenish your own.

Do Power and Control Equal Happiness and Harmony

Have faith in yourself.

This is the most important tip for regaining power and control back in your life. You have to trust your mistakes, trust your shortcomings and misdirections because these are the footsteps that enable you to walk the harmonious line of stability.

Control itself comes in all different forms. The same control one person has over their life may not be suitable in the circumstances of another. Different paths can shape this type of influence on natural order.

The best way to be content with yourself and utilize setbacks is to be fluid with life and its motions, orchestrating control when possible and redirecting when necessary. That’s where you’ll find the real harmony.