Dream Chasers. We Are The Ones Who Stand Apart From The Crowd.

We defy the odds and stand our ground. We believe in ourselves when nobody else does. We persevere through even when the going gets tough. We follow our passions regardless of what it takes. We prove we can, when the world says we cannot. We are the Dream Chasers. Catch your dreams on golden wings, and spread them farther than any horizons can go.

Dreams. We all have them. We make them when were young, we idolize them, visualize them, maybe even practice them. Yet, as we grow, our dreams may change and adapt. They may shift and adjust to align with who we are as adults. Sometimes, somewhere along the line, between that journey from there to here, those dreams become lost.

Lost within the chaos that the world may offer you. Lost in the depths of your mind. They fall into the shadows, only to become a reflection you once knew.

Dreams are a product of who we are. They bring forth beauty in many aspects of life. They can be filled with creativity, empowerment, and create miracles we never knew existed. So why did the idea of disregarding those dreams become who you are? When along the way did you allow those dreams to slip, only to be retained as simply that, a “dream.”

Dreams were not meant to be retained within our minds, they were meant to be lived. So why deprive yourself of the ability to do so? Those dream chasers, the one’s who pursue it, and make it a reality, those are the one’s we need to look up to more. When you give yourself a chance to truly follow your passion, let it drive you, you give yourself a chance to experience wonders. You give yourself an ability to make this life all that it was truly meant to be.


You are a product of being. You are the essence of the universe itself. You were given the ability to think, act, and create all that you ever desire for a reason. Life is not about remaining in one place doing things that don’t really align with who you are. Life is meant to be lived. It is meant to be doing all that you desire to do, as you intend to do it. The Dream chasers, the believers, the doers, we see that. 

When you step outside of the lines, defy the odds, and walk your own path. You are detaching yourself from all that society and others may expect of you. You are then becoming your own person and truly living for you. You then become a Dream Chaser.

Every great dream, begins with a dreamer. -Harriet Tubman

There will always be doubters/naysayers. One’s who try to sway your perception. One’s who don’t believe in you. One’s who try to do all they can, to keep you from pursuing your dreams. Don’t let them win. Don’t allow that to keep you from doing everything you wish to do, or becoming everything you wish to be.

How others may act toward you, is a reflection of who they are. Not who you are. They doubt you because they doubt themselves. They live realistically because the idea that there is more, the idea of placing it all on the line, maybe to fail, only to have to get back up again, scares them. Don’t allow their fears, their doubts, and their uncertainties become your way of life.

Be your own person. Follow your heart, Chase your dreams, and do it all for YOU.

The only expectations you need to meet are the ones you place upon yourself. The only opinions that matter are your own. Follow what you wish to do, for you.  Follow your desires, listen to your soul, and let that guide you. It’s a product of who you are, so let yourself see that.

Great people, with great ideas exist, and you are one of them. Everything that you experience in life today, started with one persons dream to create it. Don’t waste a chance or miss out on all that you truly wish to do in life anymore. Go for it. Go all in, and give yourself an opportunity to experience it, as it was always meant to.

Live your life for you. Persevere, commit, and really dedicate your time to making this happen. Create your own path in life. Follow your dreams.

This is your life to live. You only get one, so let yourself capture it while it’s here. Defy the odds, step outside the norm, and become a Dream Chaser.

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