Dreaming Reality: The Law of Manifestation

The concept of how incredibly powerful our minds are is nothing new. But many people meet the idea of manifesting and attracting the reality of your dreams with great skepticism. However, you’ve been using the Law of Manifestation longer than you probably realize.

What is it?

The Law of Manifestation is the belief that all thoughts, become your reality.

Therefore, if you constantly berate yourself or see the worst in life, the world won’t be a nice place for you. On the other hand, if you try and see everything as a blessing and approach life with gratitude, every aspect of life transforms.

The basis of this law lies in the belief that we’re composed of energy. While our thoughts may seem to originate in our minds, they come from a much deeper metaphysical place within our consciousness.

Our “spiritual mind” per se, allows us to manifest the reality we want for ourselves. It doesn’t subscribe to preconceived notions, expectations, or pressures, it gives out what you put in.

So, if you go into your day manifesting positive interactions with others and expansive self-love, that will become your reality.

You’re Already Using It

Without realizing, you’ve probably already harnessed both the positive and negative aspects of the Law of Manifestation.

For instance, those days where one thing goes wrong during your morning and the rest of your day seems to unravel horribly as well, that’s manifestation.

It’s highly unlikely that your entire day was as awful as you perceived it to be. Maybe one bad thing did happen, but it’s probable the rest of the events were entirely based upon your perception.

Maybe you’re an athlete or an avid gym-goer. Have you ever noticed when you aren’t thinking about it, or when you’re in a positive mindset, that you run faster and longer or perform more, heavier reps? Manifestation.

Now, it’s just a matter of allowing that power to extend into other, more impactful parts of your life.

Rediscover Your Dreams

First, reflect upon your greatest desires. The scenarios that you sit and dream of daily. Don’t bring into this reflection any notions of negativity or thoughts of practicality. Let everything go.

Think of who you want to be, what you want to look like to yourself and others, the type of people you wish to attract, or any other component of your ideal reality.

Make your visualization as detailed as possible from physical sensations to sights and sounds.

Beyond that, what do you wish to change about your current life? Dig deeper and see if these “problems” truly exist, or exist within your perception of the situation.


You Deserve It

Without wholeheartedly believing that you deserve what you’re attempting to manifest, it won’t come to fruition.

Deep self-love allows you to grow convinced that your dreams are worth it. They’re important and will allow you to contribute to your own life, and the world around you, in ways previously unimagined.

Through loving every aspect of yourself, you extend that compassion outward. You no longer project personal insecurities, sadness, or anger onto others, painting those around in a better light as well.

When you can fully love yourself and others, that’s where the magic happens.

The Past is Irrelevant

There’s no obligation to be who you were last month, yesterday, or even five minutes ago.

Don’t worry if you find yourself falling into familiar negative thought patterns of the past. Regressing slightly is completely normal and even beneficial. Identifying old mindsets indicates significant growth.

Beyond just ways of thinking from the past resurfacing, you may begin regrettably reflecting upon actions or events from the past.

It’s pertinent to note that every single event that has happened in your life, and your reaction to it, has been pivotal in bringing you to this moment today.

Learn to extend gratitude for your mistakes and the painful events. Everything holds a greater purpose.

Reaping the Benefits

Step out from your visualizations and live your new reality. All of your dreams can manifest, if you allow them to. Wake up each day, remind yourself of what you’re aiming to manifest, and live it.

If what you’re attempting to attract is more of a long-term project, then act each day as if you’ve already obtained your dream.

Then, acknowledge the small ways that surrendering to this universal law has worked already for you. Maybe you manifested something as simple as a positive attitude and great friends and it came to you.

Above all, gratitude is key in this process. Undoubtedly, the more you can find to be grateful for, the greater manifestation you’ll experience.


Continue the Cycle

If you find that things aren’t quite aligning in the way you wished, don’t fret. There’s no time frame on manifestation.

Anytime you’re met with negative thoughts or become discouraged, sit with those feelings and experience them.

Finally, when you’ve had enough, turn them around into something that aligns with what you desire to attract.

Everything will align when it’s meant to if you persist in following your dreams. I guarantee it.

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