dude.be nice Is On a Fashion Mission to Make Kindness Cool and Communities Matter

Dude.Be Nice, leather jacket on a pink wall

Everyone loves a witty graphic tee. It’s the ideal opportunity to express your personality and send a strong message about what you care about. Whether that’s your favorite band, a reminder that caffeine is a food group, or even solidarity with a social justice movement. Sometimes a t-shirt is just a t-shirt and you got a smokin’ deal on it at Goodwill. But what if it was part of a movement to create a better world, one with more kindness?

dude.be nice is just that brand. They are an apparel company that is on a mission, like us, to make kindness cool. I had a chance to chat with Veronica Meza Tolentino, the VP and Creative Director for dude.be nice to see how this whole movement came about and how she is helping create positive change.

We want to inspire you and make sure you know that no matter who you are or where you’re from you matter.

Veronica, a powerhouse creative in her own right, embodies all the enthusiasm and vibrant energy you would expect from a brand like dude.be nice. Her personal career history has spanned everything from fundraising for non-profits to working in the fashion industry. Gathering knowledge and experience with each shift in her career focus, it seemed the position at dude.be nice was tailor made and just waiting for her to arrive.

In her words, “It’s challenging to find a place that aligns with your values and your energy. You have to go with your gut and follow your instincts. The right fit will be there.” As it turns out, patience and tenacity prevailed.

Veronica and Brent Camalich, founder of dude.be nice, have known each other since they were kids. Putting their energy together to build the brand and outreach of dude.be nice was the ideal combination when taking the brand to the next level. Veronica’s gift for building the aesthetic, design and product mix allows Brent to get out in front of people promoting their mission of kindness and community involvement.

She shared, “We always say we’re dedicated to making cool clothes and we are. On top of that, we want to inspire you and make sure you know that no matter who you are or where you’re from you matter. When someone asks “Hey, where’d you get that shirt?” You will say our name of course, but it won’t end there. You’ll get to tell them the dude.be nice story, your story. Then I imagine you’d say “We matter, buddy. I’m grateful. I’m nice. You’re amazing. I love you. This brand kicks ass. Who wants a hug?” Or something like that.”
Dude.be nice dude.be nice is more than a rad line of shirts and accessories. It’s a movement. They have created a downloadable guide for kids to create a free Kindness Week on their school campuses. All you need is the time and commitment to making your community a little more loving.

There is also the dbn project, a platform to inspire people to recognize a person or group in their community making a difference in a creative and meaningful way. So many options with so much kind energy. There really is no downside here.

If you’re interested in kicking off a Kindness Week, honoring a phenomenal human, or just grabbing a t-shirt that fits your Make Kindness Cool vibe, check them out. Like dbn, we hope to empower you to gather more in our tribe and get the message out. It’s all about kindness, inclusivity and gratitude. So, dude be nice.