Elaine Welteroth and Her Fountain Of Inspiration

Elaine Welteroth

Elaine Welteroth released her debut book More Than Enough Claiming Space For Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) this year and it was nothing short of a knockout. From talking about her doubts about making it in her dream industry to more personal aspects such as dealing with racism, her impact is far reaching.

When the world asks you to shrink, expand.”

I began reading this when I was a little low and needed some inspiration. Thank god this book was there to provide a fountain of that.

Elaine’s book is a love letter to women. Especially those made to feel as being ‘other’.

Under her guidance, she helped a teen magazine, that could have print shut down at any moment, and made it into a socially conscious outlet for younger generations looking to get involved.

A Vogue title was starting to become more inclusive, bridging the gap between mainstream media and those communities made to feel as ‘others’, thanks to Elaine.

It’s hard to only have one take away from this book. If I still had to chose, it would be to trust your gut.

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Fam, I have NEWS!! I have been keeping this a secret for so long (and I’m TERRIBLE at keeping secrets). SO excited to share two ways that I am bringing the spirit of my book to life through collaborations with women entrepreneurs I love: Today, I’m launching #MoreThanEnough gold necklaces with @ByChari and cashmere sweaters with @linguafrancanyc, in which $100 of proceeds from every purchase go to the most incredible organization that supports underserved girls in NYC @girlsclubny. . Before I even put pen to paper on my book, I thought of it as a tool for community building and as a conversation starter. Each of these pieces were created with the same intention. My hope is that they become physical reminders that we already have everything we need to do exactly what we were put here to do. . Thank you @wwd for helping us break the news. Both pieces are available now—info at the link in my bio. Use the code MORETHANENOUGH on ByChari.com for a discount from me to you. 💙💫

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Elaine talked at length about her own doubts along with the doubt others placed on her dreams or where she chose to work. Yet thanks to her hard work and ability to see the bigger picture, she blazed her own path. Along the way she also created a space in which more people could see themselves represented.

For so much of our lives we are told what beauty is, what it looks like, who possesses it, who doesn’t… And the ones pushed to the margins are rarely given the pen to write ourselves and our own definitions in.”

Being able to read her reasoning as to why she did what she did, and why she fought for certain things was a welcome invitation to step in the shoes of someone who I’ve admired for years now.

A lot of the book wasn’t aimed at me but this was one of the most important aspects. Elaine frequently talks about what it means to be a woman of color in a media landscape that for so long only paid attention to white women and white culture.

I’ll be honest, I was shocked at the things people said to her without realizing the racist tone it had. It helped me check my privilege.

Her voice and writing style make it hard to not feel engrossed in the story she’s telling. Her raw honestly helps shine a light on issues all women (women of color in particular) face and break down the the harmfulness of certain messages.

I could go on and on about how amazing this book is. Even if you aren’t interested In the world of fashion or magazines, this has something for everyone. I dare you to read this and not feel inspired when you’re done.

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