Embrace the Changes

Life comes at you… hard. And, when going through life changing experiences there are a few clichés that we’ll surely run into. For example, the “life is what happens,” one or “if it’s meant to be it will be.” We romanticize change in order to feel better about it, but does that really work? So, this is how to deal with changes.

Preparing for this piece I might’ve read several articles on how exercise and a good diet can help a changing environment, but here is a few things that actually work for me. Without the romanticizing.

1. Focus on some of the things that won’t change

Even when everything around you seems to be shifting there are some constants. Maybe thats your family and friends, a pet, or the fact that your favorite coffee place will always be there for you. Whatever it is that makes you feel secure, embrace it.

2. Think of the worst case scenario

Sometimes we think that changes can lead to the worst and that can cause stress. So, let’s think about what, realistically, is the worst thing that could happen. We might realize that the worst is not so bad after all, and it might make it easier to cope. If we can live with the worst case scenario and figure our a way to come up to a solution, the change becomes less scary.

3. Vent

Talk to others about the change, your fears, and most importantly why you’re exited. Sometimes getting it all out can relieve some pressure and others might help you see why change is good. So, complain all you want, for a little bit. Then, embrace it.

4. Meet new people 

Meeting people that are going through what you are going through will help you see that you can overcome it. No matter what happens going through a rough time is easier with people supporting you.

5. Panic! Then, get over it

Changes can make you feel like you’re standing on sinking sand. But, once we’re on the other side we usually think that it wasn’t such a big deal.  However, you do have the right to panic and then kind of get over it.

At the end of the day it’s about believing in yourself because you can do it all! So, focus on those who support you, not only the new people, but also those who have been there all along. Talk to them and realize that no matter what happens they will be right there to support you.

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