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Embracing the Fear

Fear shows us we're doing something right

What has fear brought you? Initially, you may think, not much. However, fear is actually one of the most life-defining and helpful emotions that we can experience.

Digging Deeper

On the surface, fear is useless. It prohibits us from experience, and causes unnecessary stress regarding outcomes that may or may not even happen.

But everything we feel is divine and can teach us something. Fear is a matter of perception and navigation, like many other things.

Yes, if you allow fear to control you, it can be be a negative force in your life. But, if you can learn to manipulate fear for yourself, it can be one of the greatest emotional indicators that there is.

The Fiercest Motivation

Think of all the times you’ve experienced worry and unease. It’s more often than not been in regard to some unknown aspect, change, or outcome of your life.

While the unknown is such a magical part of our existence, it can also be quite terrifying. We fear the unknown in both in action and inaction. We wonder what would have happened and what will.

It might seem much easier to sit fearfully until a moment passes or you just don’t take action, but this leaves behind the deepest unfulfillment.

The power of regret impacts us profoundly, for good reason. Now, think of a time in which you overcame and faced a situation causing you dismay.

After facing your fear you probably felt incredible, like a new person, or at least a stronger one. That’s because you grew.

Fear is nothing more than growing pains of the soul. Let scary situations excite you, for it means you’re doing something right.

Instead of allowing distress to debilitate you, embrace it fully, and more importantly, face it. It is a magnificent emotion in our experience because it is the only one that leads us directly to growth in this way.

All Change is Forward

We aren’t meant to remain stagnant in any facet of this life, and what better catalyst for action than fear? This doubt directs us to the change necessary for growth and we approach this change with hesitation, but why?

We don’t refrain from acting in ways that we perceive will bring about changes we deem “positive,” we actually often try to rush these changes. But the possibility of failure cripples us.

Ironically, the gray area between the present and the future functions as our greatest motivator and inhibitor. But we must learn to embrace the truth that this area holds both pain and pleasure.

The only guarantee is that each situation we encounter bares massive significance in our lives. If it goes well, it is a victory, if not a priceless lesson.

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