Zero to Sixty in Ten Seconds, Confessions of an Emotional Mess

emotional mess

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m the most emotional person ever. Whether that be from a movie,  TV show, or even just a conversation with a stranger, I’m always on the edge of going into full ‘emotional mess’ mode, and it could go either way–a fit of laughter or a tidal wave of tears. And, yes, sometimes it has its perks. For example, I’m always super passionate about everything, whether I think it’s something great or something terrible. Want a big reaction to a joke? I’m your gal. Not to mention grabbing tissues while bursting into tears is a great way to meet people!

Life passes by kind of quickly when you’re spending it in tears

While those perks definitely play a big part in my life, and undoubtedly make the whole emotional thing seem pretty interesting, it’s not always a walk in the park. It can be challenging living life going from zero to sixty on the emotional scale. It’s not exactly practical, either. Life passes by kind of quickly when you’re spending it in tears. Did I mention that I’m the easiest person to scare? It’s pretty sad. No, definitely not the best thing in the world.

So, if you’re a super emotional person like me, how are we supposed to manage life while also dealing with all our emotions being on full blast? Honestly, I’m not exactly sure yet. I’ve been battling with this for eighteen years, and my emotional intensity still takes over. But good news, I have picked up a couple of things on the way that might be helpful.

First things first, and I can’t stress this one enough: you have to accept who you are completely.

It’s okay to be an emotional wreck! Lots of people are! You can have all the emotions, all at once, and still be the amazing person you were destined to be. Can you imagine having no emotions at all? How incredibly boring would that be! There’s nothing wrong with constantly feeling a little more than everyone else!

My second tip is very closely tied with the first one: don’t try to bottle up your emotions.

I’m sure you’ve been hearing this one your entire life, but hear me out; this is really essential to managing your emotions. Imagine a balloon slowly filling up with water over time. Now, if you just keep filling it and filling it, of course it will burst eventually, right? But if you let it go, you drain the balloon a bit, there never has to be a messy outburst at all. Yeah, that extended metaphor may have been a little confusing, but you get the idea.

Without happiness and wonder and love, would life even be worth living?

What I’m trying to say is that if you just ride the wave of your emotions, let the tears flow and the laughter roll,  eventually, the waves will feel smaller and smaller since you’ll be draining out your emotions. Our emotions are part of what make us the unique and lovely people that we are! Without happiness, wonder, and love, would life even be worth living? And how would we know about the highest highs without experiencing the lowest lows? Personally, I’d much rather be an emotional mess than a robot.

Lastly, don’t forget that the in-between level of emotions can be a pretty cool place to be too.

Trust me, I know it can be really hard to live in the middle, where the lows are just slightly so and the highs are the same. Some moments aren’t called for fits of laughter or crying for hours. Sometimes all you need is just a small smile or a small frown. And the middle doesn’t mean no emotions at all! You can still have all the emotions you want, just on a slightly smaller scale. This last one can take a long time to get used to, and it’s not always easy. But life doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster, sometimes it can just be a stroll. Nothing wrong with that.

Being an emotional mess is just a piece of my life.

My emotions are strong and they love to show themselves on a regular basis, but I like to think that I’ve learned to control them a bit better than what I could in the past. If there’s anything you should take from this, I hope that you notice that even as a messy and emotional person, at the end of the day, you’re still you! And that’s pretty amazing! And it’s important to know that you can still be a super strong person who happens to have super strong emotions too. They’re not mutually exclusive! Still, never forget that “just-in-case” box of tissues. You’ll never know when you’ll need them!

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