Self Discovery

Learning to Express Yourself

Finding Your Own Form of Expression

Expressing yourself should come easy, but for many it can be challenging. Learning to express yourself in a way that aligns with who you are isn’t always something that comes with ease or grace. For some, it can be a struggle. Maybe it’s because of past encounters, outside influences, or internal battles you may be facing daily. Whatever the reasoning, when there is a will to overcome, there is a way.

When you take baby steps to understanding, to overcoming why you may struggle, you give yourself a chance to break those barriers, defy those odds, and come out a stronger person than you were going in.

Expressing yourself doesn’t only have to come through as words. it can come in many other forms as well. Many that you may be able to relate to on a much deeper level than fumbled, uncertain words. A few being:

Art/Painting/Drawing: Art is everywhere you go in life, and when you allow yourself to dabble in it and create your own, you let your soul speak. You open an awareness that can take you that much closer to overcoming any challenges you may face within. Painting in itself is very therapeutic.

Photography: Photography is a beautiful way to capture an image, a beautiful way to express whatever it is you may be feeling deep inside visually. You can bring forth your own creative edge in a way that resonates with you.

Song or Dance: Song and dance has always been a graceful, unique, magical way of expressing yourself. Creating your own lyrics or making up your own dance is a pleasing way of saying all that it is you are wanting to say, exactly the way you are wanting to say it.

Writing: Sometimes writing something out is a heck of a lot easier then physically saying it. I personally find writing comforting. If writing is also something that you flourish in, (through poetry or some other form of writing) take advantage of it.

Whatever your form of expression may be, if it resonates with who you are, and brings forth all that you are trying to say in a manner that is easier for you to say it, then try it.

Allow these hobbies, these passions, to be your guide. Then watch how things unravel. Use your strengths to give you an upper hand expressing yourself. Find that comfort level with yourself, “open up” and watch your progress come to fruition in more areas than one.

Here are some other tips to expressing yourself more effectively.

Understand your emotions: Really get to know why you feel the way you do with certain people, situations, or events in your life. Break it up, and let it guide you to overcoming it all.

Think before you act: Before you barrel into a conversation when you aren’t truly certain how you may be feeling. Walk away from the situation, and give yourself a moment to think before responding.

Trust yourself: Really trust who you are, and all that you wish to bring forth toward others. You know you best, embrace it.

Be comfortable in your own skin: When you are uncomfortable with who you are, you sway yourself from the ability to truly be the best version of you. You limit your ability to express yourself, and deal with different situations/emotions confidently. Learn to love all that you are, in every aspect of your being.

Be honest with yourself, and others: Don’t lie your way through something, simply because you are finding it hard to express yourself in the way you wish to. Bottling it up, keeping it reserved, or spilling lies, will only hurt you and others in the long wrong. Don’t do it.

If you wish to make any progress in life, you have to face your fears head on.

Learning to express yourself will take time. It won’t come immediately but at least give yourself a chance. And for the time being, while you do the inner-work, use the talents you already have to bring forth your own form of creative expression, through your own form of “art”and let that guide you. Every milestone you hit will take effort, but it’s the willingness to try that will bring you victory.


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