Everyone’s Moving Away: How to Deal with Families Growing Up and Apart

families growing up

There comes a time in every family where kids become teens and teens become adults and those adults start moving away and start their own lives. This process is undoubtedly exciting and filled with opportunity. But, it’s also the end of an era. Dealing with the transition of families growing up isn’t easy, but knowing what’s in store makes it all worth it.

You’re Allowed to Be Sad

Mourning the end of a shared or personal childhood is completely normal. Elementary, middle, and high school were all such simple, innocent periods of our lives. While young adulthood and beyond has amazing things in store, nothing will be the same as those Saturday morning cartoons and school-night sleepovers with your siblings.

Never again will you come home to a full-house bustling with science projects that need to be finished and littered with dirty cleats, backpacks, and snack wrappers. Your parents no longer are saints or protectors, but guides and counterparts.

While letting go of all of these irreplaceable moments hurts, it also opens the door for what the future holds.

The End of an Era, The Beginning of Another

Young adulthood closes the chapter on living under the same roof as your parents and siblings, you may now even be spread across all corners of the country, continent, or world. Missing each other is inevitable, but the world now awaits all of you to bring what you have to offer.

You and your siblings can now fully blossom with the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the years, together and independently.

Absolutely nothing compares to watching the people you love most come into their own. You’ve seen them through the lowest lows and now they’re chasing their dreams. Selfishly, you miss them. However you also gleam with pride while detailing to anyone who will listen the accomplishments of your brothers or sisters.

Relationships change as well. The bickering of childhood fades away. Fighting is much less frequent as the value of spending time together overshadows the past perceived importance of trivialities. Somehow the distance makes you closer than you’ve ever been.

families growing up

It’s Not Goodbye It’s See You Later

You may not live under the same roof anymore, but your sibling will always be there one way or another. Rather than screaming across the house at one-another you can have group-Facetime calls and text message group chats with all your loved ones.

Holidays have never been better or sweeter as you value each second having everyone together. Visiting each other in your respective new homes proves an exciting adventure as you witness this separate life they’ve created.

While space and time differences may make communication a bit more difficult, it only proves the strength in family. No matter how long it’s been or how far a part you are, your siblings will always have your back. This is only fully realized once everyone moves away. You talk because you want to, not because you have to.

You reminisce about old times and daydream about the new ones. But you all know that no matter what’s thrown your way, you’ll always have each others’ backs.