Finding Joy

It is April…and it’s ice raining. Being from Arizona, I used to know nothing of this horrible form of precipitation. How I long for those ignorant days where rain lasted like maybe 30 minutes in the summers during monsoon season. I believe one day in high school I lamented that “I JUST WANT ONE DAY TO LOOK HOW I FEEL.” Sixteen year old Gillian was on point with some stuff. Weather, not one of them.

To which she simply responded, it gives me joy.

Back to the ice rain, I have a dear friend who, in the coldest points of winter, spends hours at her 9 to 5 crafting the perfect summer playlist for any and all summer events. Sunbathing by Lake Michigan? Done. Shopping downtown? Handled. First day shedding pants in favor of a sundress? Obvi “Ello Ello” by RAC. All this sun and joy in her music choices…in the middle of winter or now in this case ice rain spring time. I was recently feeling particularly grumpy about the weather and my friend coaxed me to listen to her music and I snapped. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?? To which she simply responded, it gives me joy. And I was totally taken aback. Joy. It gives me joy.

How many things give you joy? When is the last time you thought about it? I was in a women’s book club where we would come together, give our opinions about a book, share stories about our life but occasionally, if we hated the book we would call for a Joy night. Instead of talking about the book we hated, we would instead bring or share something that gave us joy. The things that gave us joy were everything from fresh fuzzy socks, to making everyone get up and jump around dancing to Beyonce’s “Who Run the World (Girls).”

Then I wrote down the things that make me happy:

– Impromptu Dance Parties
– When my friends who don’t know each other meet in real life
– Diet Coke
– Any thing “from scratch”
– Moments I realize I live in a city
– What a plant growing sounds like in the middle of the summer
– Singing Sia really loud when my roommate isn’t home
– When a young person goes from student to teacher
– My Friends Summer Playlist

Life is hard. Things get tough. Don’t forget your joy. Write it down, make time for it, but most importantly SHARE IT!