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But First, Coffee

Making Time For What Matters Most In Life

“Life Begins After Coffee.” When it comes to life, and the chaos it may bring. It’s easy to get swept up into these every day habits. You know, the one’s where you are rushing through the days trying to meet deadlines that seem impossible to meet, all while trying to balance your family and personal life at the same time. Yeah those?

We can all admit that at times, it can be challenging, to say the least. When your “energy tank” is on empty, your brain is worn out, and you need to re-energize, and re-charge (even when you feel like you may not have the time to)  “coffee” can ultimately help.

Coffee is like a liquid hug for the brain.

Maybe you’re a tea person, or strictly soda. Whatever your caffeine kick is, it’s necessary. In order for one to maintain that balance, keep up with the chaos the day might bring, power through with some sense of control, and have the energy to do so. Coffee, is key.

See, a coffee break is more than just enjoying sweet savory caffeine in a cup. It’s also the ability to, power down, recharge, and actually allow yourself the light of day to simply be. No matter what your life may bring, a coffee break, (or whatever your sweet escape is), can give you the ability to do so. They allow you that opportunity to simply breathe in the sweet “scent” of all that surrounds you, and just be. Even if only for a little while.

Ah Coffee. Such a wondrous thing.

Except, when you stop to think about it. How often do you really allow yourself the ability to slow down for a while just to be in the moment you have, right now? How often do you truly allow yourself the ability to actually enjoy that cup of coffee you just poured?

If you’re anything like me, I live and breathe coffee. Being a full time single mommy, all while trying to balance school, and a personal life gets tough. Especially, with “little energy.”

So, anywhere I go, coffee is usually attached to my hand. And I must admit, giving myself that ability to take the time off, just to be, even if only for a moment, is one of the many joys that a coffee break has to offer.

Coffee is one thing, but a coffee break is another. Not only does a coffee break give you the energy to power through. It also gives that ability to really savor it all. It allows you to simply stop rushing through life, slow down for a awhile, and enjoy all that you are surrounded by.

I mean, let’s all just admit that a coffee break is…nice. The ability to just be in the moment for a while is refreshing.

So allow yourself the ability to walk away from all the “chaos,”  and take that coffee break. Doing so, will allow you to appreciate all that you are surrounded by. And, will give you a chance to experience, all that is truly worth experiencing.

Allow yourself the ability to enjoy it all for what it’s truly worth, right now.

Stop allowing yourself to pass up on those “coffee breaks.” Give yourself more chances to take them.

“This life you have to live only comes around once. So don’t allow the chaos of the outside world continue to control your life anymore. Take back that control and give yourself more.”

Allow yourself the ability to actually go out and enjoy life. Sip that coffee, taste the sweetness it brings, and simply embrace all that’s here, waiting for you, right now.

“Coffee breaks” are vital for your well being. They fuel you, energize you, and keep you focused on what truly matters most in the world. They allow you the ability to re-center, re-align and knock out any “task” that you may have left to do. Don’t allow “chaos” to become you. Find beauty in it all. Take more coffee breaks in life, and actually allow yourself to enjoy it.

In order for you to truly lead a happy life, you need to allow yourself the ability to take more Coffee Breaks. They hold more importance than whatever else you have crammed into your schedule for the day.

Coffee Anyone?


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