Four Lessons I Learned During Summer 2018

lessons I learned over summer

Summer 2018 was one for the books, but not in the adventurous way some may think! Although I didn’t travel the world or take any extravagant road trips with my friends, I went on a journey of self-exploration and couldn’t be happier with the results.

After a long school year consumed with work, stress, and a bit of drama, I was prepared for the most boring summer of my life. I couldn’t wait to simply watch Netflix all day and surf Pinterest all night. I let myself unwind but remained busy with writing and creative internships.

lessons I learned during summer

Throughout my summer of relaxation and reflection, I focused on four personal things that allowed me to grow as a person. I will be sharing these four concepts with you today and hope you take something away from them, as well!

Removing Toxic Relationships

I’m thankful to say I’ve gained a great understanding of my self-worth over the past few months. Self-worth involves everything from how I feel about/view myself, who I invest time into, to what has meaning to me.

Life is short, which means it’s important to not allow anyone or anything to take away or negatively alter your confidence. I’ve taken some time to reflect upon the relationships I have with myself and others to ensure they are mutually healthy and beneficial. Unfortunately, I have found that not all are.

I felt guilty about this realization at first because it felt like an extreme measure to cut ties with certain people; however, I know this is one of life’s many growing processes. It’s only natural that relationships and people change, and you may no longer fit into each other’s lives the ways you once did.

Although there’s no need to dramatically remove people from your life, a little time and distance away from those who no longer bring you strength and joy is okay. You should never feel bad for removing toxic relationships from your life that are ultimately bringing you down.

The Acceptance of Moving On

With loss comes the process of moving on. Whether you’ve ended a romantic relationship with someone or a friendship, learning to live without a person is never easy; however, you eventually find yourself accepting the situation more and more every day.

I’ve lost a few people in recent months I was once very close to, and while accepting those losses has been tough, I know it’s all for the very best.

lessons I learned during summer

I initially felt bad for forming new, meaningful bonds with others. I quickly learned, though, that I wasn’t replacing people from the past, but instead building connections with individuals who serve a different purpose in my life.

Cutting Myself Slack

I’ve always been the type of person who needs to be busy in order to feel fulfilled. If my schedule isn’t bursting with tasks and responsibilities, I don’t think I’m doing or trying my very best. Well, that has all changed this summer!

I took a bit of time for rest and relaxation and must say how rejuvenated I am. I feel prepared to take on another school year and dive in head-first; however, I also now know the importance of being intentional about the things I put on my plate.

It’s important not to overwhelm my workload with things I think I should do, and, instead, should dedicate my time to activities that I am passionate about and eager to experience.

Growing Up

Growing up is both a sad and exciting time! During this summer alone, I’ve seen myself become more of an adult in a number of ways, such as through gaining a great sense of who I am, learning how to drive, to understanding the importance of intention and responsibility.

As I enter the second half of my college career, I feel as if I’m starting a new chapter of my life…one in which I am confident and prepared for whatever comes my way!

lessons I learned during summer

Developing as a person has felt a bit awkward, but it’s something that happens to us all overtime. Never feel ashamed for moving on and transforming into a new version of yourself!

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