Gratitude. A New Perspective

Gratitude A New Perspective

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.”

Every day we encounter different things, have new experiences, meet new people, face new challenges, and live life in different ways. And every day you wake, you have yet another opportunity to do it all over again.

You have the opportunity to, make this life anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

But if you stop to think about it, Really think about it, how often do you actually take the time to show the appreciation for all that you do currently have? How often do you find yourself saying “I’m so thankful that the sun is shining today.” Or, “I’m so thankful to wake up to my kids who are happy, and healthy today.”

That air in your lungs that keeps you breathing? The heart in your chest that keeps beating? They are there. But, how often do you really find yourself showing appreciation for these things? Scarcely I’m sure.

It happens to many of us. It simply becomes an “aspect” of life, an aspect of who you are entirely. We become so wrapped up in the physical product of it, that we sometimes forget to be appreciative of the rest.

Why wait till tomorrow, when you can start today.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Why must we continue to wander through life forgetting about all the little things that matter the most? Why must we continue to turn a blind eye to the beauties of all that surrounds us?

It’s simple. We don’t. You can make a shift happen. You can change your perception, and start anew.

Finding Gratitude

Be more appreciative of the little things in life.

I don’t mean to simply say thanks to someone who holds a door open for you, (by all means do that!). What I do mean to express, goes beyond what lies on the surface. It goes much deeper.

Start by taking the time out of your day, everyday, to sit down and actually feel that appreciation for what you do have right now. Take a few minutes out of each day to simply show gratitude for all that currently is.

You woke up this morning? That’s a blessing in itself. You’re healthy? That’s always a perk too. You have a home, food, and clothes to wear? All luxuries compared to the alternative.

Understand that what you have now, may be a luxury to another.

It doesn’t have to be hard; it really shouldn’t be. But when you actually try to admire all that is, the concept of gratitude flows freely.

That flower you see starting to grow on the sidewalk? Take that beauty in for all it is and actually see it. See the uniqueness of it all. See the wonders that this world has to offer you as a whole. That tree growing near by? Admire it. Understand that without it, the idea of air in your lungs would be scarce to nothing.

Take the time to actually show the appreciation for what many overlook on a daily basis. See how the clouds form exactly the way they do. See how the colors of the sky illuminate, shift, and change, with the hours of the passing time.

Actually see it. Feel its presence, and allow yourself to be thankful for it all. Show that appreciation, and allow it to become you.

Breathe gratitude in, and allow it to become an aspect of your every day life.

Express your appreciation daily and make it a habit. Then watch how the world shifts in your favor.

Change Your Thought Process

How you perceive things can shift and alter the outcome of whatever life throws your way. Perception is everything. Perception is key.

While you go about your daily lives, it’s normal to find yourself feeling overwhelmed and swept up in the chaos of what your day might hold. But are you really going to allow that spilled coffee on your brand new shirt make the rest of the day, cruddy? No.

A mere shift in your perception, can completely change how the rest of your day will go.

Material things are replaceable. When you come to terms with the understanding that there is so much worse that could be happening right now, that spilled coffee won’t seem like that big of a deal. It’s normal to feel an array of different emotions. You are human. Those negative emotions, do not define you. You define you.

It is not wrong to become upset, or sad at that sappy movie you just watched, or heartbroken over breaking a beautiful vase you just bought. But, when you find yourself allowing those aspects of the situation to become you, to swallow you whole, then it has become a problem.

Even if it may be hard to see at times, there is always a silver lining. There is always a positive within the negative. There is always a light within the dark.

When you take the time to actually believe that, to understand that, and then allow yourself to shift your perception to align with it, magic happens.

That spilled coffee on your new shirt? It allowed you to try something else that’s “new.” That car that wouldn’t start? It saved you from a pile up on fifth ave.

Everything may not happen for a specific reason, sometimes things happen that are unexpected. Regardless, if you at least try to see the positive in whatever situation you may face, it will make what could have been a train-wreck of a day, become something so much more.

Try to focus on what is going right in your life compared to what is going wrong. Then watch miracles happen.

Realize that You are Unstoppable

You are a warrior, and within this great big universe, you are here. Your heart is still beating, you are still breathing, and all that you currently have, is a beauty beyond words. You are alive, you are well, and that my friends, is the most important gift of all.

The possibilities in life are endless, and even if you may not be where you want to be yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start today and make tomorrow amazing. Yet, in order to do that, in order to cause a shift to happen in your life. You have to first be able to find gratitude.

Life is about the breathless moments you have and the experiences that go with it. It’s about seeing all that you are surrounded with in this mighty universe, and grasping that as a blessing.  It’s the little things that matter the most.

It’s not the fancy car you drive, or the mansion you live in. It’s the life you have been given, the life you lead right now.

This life is yours to lead. You are ultimately the driver of your own ship. You ARE in control. And what you choose to do with it, is your decision. How you choose to perceive it all, is ultimately up to you.

But, when you hit some rough water, are you really going to sit back and let that ship sink?  When you come head on with a storm, are you really going to ignore that you still have a ship to sail and allow it to crash? Or are you going to grab hold of the wheel, power through the storm, and come out ten times stronger than you did going in?

The choice is yours. The wheel is within your grasps. So take control, find that silver lining, and keep moving forward.You may come out with some scars, some damage, or face some heartache. But you are still here. Maybe tattered, and worn, but still here.

Don’t allow the negative aspects of what may have happened earlier today, deprive you of experiencing that, life is here. Life is right now.

The universe awaits your presence and grace. All that you have, all that is, and all that will be, is deserving of the gratitude you have lying within.

Whatever you have to offer when out of compassion and love is Enough. You are enough. Gratitude is the Attitude to have, so why not practice it? 

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