Happy Thursday. Be Love, Share Love, Give Love Abundantly.

happy thursday

“The world is a better place because you are in it.” “Your presence, your gift, your amazingness is important to me.” “Thank you for making my world better.” “You freaking rock, do you know that?” That’s what we need to share, and share often. Why do we need to wait for one day every year to tell people we love them? That they are valuable, special, make our worlds better by being in them? Happy Thursday. It’s a thing, and my hope is you take it, own it and share it.

happy thursdayOk, backstory. Because no one makes this stuff up, right?

What seems like forever ago I walked into a classroom as a terrified freshman in high school. A quiet observer of humanity (still true), I sat down, took in the surroundings; the noise of upperclassmen that surrounded me totally in control of their world, their place in this universe of high school. I had no idea that the lessons I learned in that class would stick with me over 30 years later. Helen MacGilvra was a rock star, weird, amazing and brilliant teacher. You truly loved or despised her; clearly I fell in the previous category.

While I learned much about myself, being authentic, speaking my truth, my place in the world, my most important take away was Happy Thursday. Every week she put a sign in front of her podium, declaring that today is the day you make sure those that are valued in your life hear from you. Not once a year on Valentine’s Day, which frankly is a Hallmark holiday that makes those of us without a significant other feel like dismal failures, amiright? Love now, and every week. Because why not? If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that the world needs some loving energy in it, like asap.

Sounds weird right? How touchy-feely, sappy lame can you get.

But hear me out. Why Thursday? Deductive reasoning people: Monday, oh lord no. Without coffee I can barely communicate, so please just no. Tuesday, we are getting in the work/life/school groove. Wednesday, half way babe, you got this (also the annoying “hump-day” thing). Friday gets all the attention anyway and the weekend? Well hallelujah. So Thursday? Yep. She needs a job, and Love it is. See? Genius. Stick with me, I’ll take you places.

I can say with the greatest confidence that anyone who shared a year with that particular teacher had their worlds changed. Some, like I mentioned, couldn’t get past her unconventional methods and that’s totally ok. It takes all kinds to make the world interesting. However, I guarantee that they, and the now over 2,500 that have landed in my classroom (yes, I followed her path), at the very least acknowledge that every Thursday, not just Valentine’s day, is a day to spread the loving vibe.

Next Thursday, or any and every Thursday, let your people know you care. Share the back story of what it means to say Happy Thursday to someone. Too many days go by where we point out what we lack in our lives and forget the abundance of beautiful spirits out there helping us through this messy life business. Love them, high five, hug, change the message. Because love wins, it always does. Start on Thursdays.