Hello World! Welcome to YOUR Community

metiza community

Today marks the launch of a new online community, Metiza! Our hope is that you find yourself amongst friends here, in a community that celebrates everything you are. At Metiza, we’re not going to bombard you with celebrity nonsense. In fact, we think real life is much more interesting. Here you’ll find a collective of thoughtful, fun, supportive and diverse group of everyday, extraordinary girls and women that have been searching for a place to express themselves. Personally, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that this platform, this opportunity has presented itself not only to me, but to all of you.

Isn’t it time we have a place to be real, positive, honest and basically awesome in our own way without judgment? I know I’ve been searching for a place to just be precisely me, flaws and all, for a mighty long time. Life is tricky. It can be so very beautiful, but so overwhelming sometimes.

My hope is that you will find your tribe, your sisterhood if you will, to lift you up, let you know it’s all going to be ok. Not just ok, amazing. Rock star, run this, Beyonce level amazing. Metiza is for you. Share your thoughts, questions, talent, brilliance. We all make up a spectacular mosaic of collective genius that I for one cannot wait to see unfold.

Welcome to your community. Let’s do this!

Paige Bird, Editor in Chief

Also published on Medium.