How to Not Lose Your Mind & Keep Busy Over Summer Break

Keep it together this summer. If you’re a busy-body like me, then sometimes summer break provides more stress than relaxation. Without a defined purpose in my life, I go a bit mad. Here are some ways to prevent that directionless frenzy.

Get a Job or Internship

This isn’t necessarily the most glamorous or fun option, but hey, who can turn down some extra cash or work experience. Find a part-time job or internship relevant to your major or interests. Or, just take advantage of tourist season and work a fun summertime job.

Pursue a Passion Project

Always wanted to start a website, vlog, or side-business? Now is the perfect time to get it up and running without the pressures of classwork looming over you. Treat each day as a work day and get started!

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Helping out in your community or beyond is always rewarding. Find a cause that inspires you and volunteer even just a few times a week. The small efforts add up.

Try Out New Hobbies

Whether it’s painting, juggling, or running a marathon we’ve all got a hobby we’ve always wanted to try. Whatever that thing is for you, now you have the time to give it a go! Attend classes or train with a friend to make it even more enjoyable.

Summer Break

Hang out with Friends

Nothing makes the mind run wild quite like isolation. So, get out there and hang out with your friends over the break. Go to the beach, cook something, or just hang out and reminisce.


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