How to Read Your Astrology Birth Chart

how to read your astrology birth chart

You like reading your horoscope. You know your sign and the signs you’re compatible with. You understand what people are talking about when they say Mercury is in retrograde. If you like to dabble in astrology, then you’ve probably heard about an astrology birth chart.

An astrology birth chart takes your birth date, time, and location into account to show the position of different celestial bodies at your moment of birth and how they affect your personality.

There are three main components of a birth chart: the houses, the signs, and the planets. Birth charts can be confusing to read since they are incredibly thorough, but we’ve broken down the basics for you here (if you want something more in depth, check out this video):

how to read your astrology birth chart
Via Mastering the Zodiac with Athen Chimenti

The Houses

These represent areas of our life. There are 12 houses, all differing in what they represent. Each house will have a sign associated with it at the time of your birth, which shapes your personality.

  • First house: self, personal appearance, beginnings, first impressions
  • Second house: money, material possessions, self worth
  • Third house: communication
  • Fourth house: home, privacy
  • Fifth house: creativity, self expression, romance
  • Sixth house: health and service
  • Seventh house: relationships and other people
  • Eight house: transformation, birth, death, mysteries
  • Ninth house: higher learning, expansion, travel
  • Tenth house: career, fame, honors. This is the most “public” house
  • Eleventh house: teams, society, technology
  • Twelfth house: endings

Sun Sign

This is the sign you’re most familiar with, since it’s used to read your horoscope. The sun sign is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the sign that the sun was aligned with at the time of your birth. The sun sign reflects who you are all the time…your outer personality.

Moon Sign

Just like the sun sign, your moon sign is the sign that the moon was aligned with at your time of birth. A little less familiar than the sun sign, but nevertheless just as powerful at creating your personality. Your moon sign tends to rule over your decision making and it’s more personal and inward than your sun sign.

Ascendant Sun

This sign is based on the constellation that was on the horizon at your time of birth. This sign represents how others first see you and how your personality is shaped from experiences. It’s vital that you have your exact birth time, since the ascendant sun is prone to change every two hours or so.

how to read your astrology birth chart
Don’t lie, you know you agree. Via We Hear It

Inner Planets

This includes Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Mercury rules over your communication and how you think. Venus is your love life planet that focuses on who you attract, who you’re attracted to, how you interact with others, and also spending and receiving of money. Mars is all about your energy–your motivation, your confidence, your physical strength.

Outer Planets

These include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and of course, Pluto. Jupiter rules luck, ethics, and truth. Saturn rules self discipline, major life lessons you learn, and your ambition in life. Uranus rules change, how you seek freedom, and your rebellious side. Neptune rules dreams and what inspires you. Neptune also governs addictions. Finally, Pluto rules your drive for power and transformation.

Ruling Planet (Chart Ruler)

This is the planet that rules the ascendant sign. It represents the characteristics and area of life you’re developing.

As a recap, the houses represent areas of our lives. The sign represents the characteristics. The planets are the experiences we have.

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