Hurry To Be Kind. It’s a Lifestyle Of Love.

hurry to be kind

I’ve had the privilege of connecting to some phenomenal people in my search for kind souls. I’ve stumbled across brands, influencers, visionaries, and individual people doing the work that the world is so desperately needing right now. Kylie, and her heart project is one of those forces of love and kindness that we search for. Here’s what I learned.

“Hurry.To.Be.Kind is a lifestyle brand rooted in kindness, empowering others to do the right thing even when no one is watching. We all have the opportunity to be a light in someone’s life, to be a change agent, a force for good. Each and every one of us has the power to make a difference. It all starts with a little dose of courage and a small act rooted in kindness.”

hurry to be kind

In a world where kindness seems to be needed more than ever, how do you see making an impact?

Hopefully it encourages people to keep kindness top of mind — to be more conscientious of their words and actions. Being kind doesn’t need to involve some grand gesture; it just takes a moment of looking someone in the eye, being present, etc.

How did the idea of come about? Was their one specific moment?

Growing up I always had the desire to take away the sadness in a stranger’s eyes.  It wasn’t until I moved to California and worked as a medical sales rep that the idea really started to manifest itself.

Who are your role models to create a more kind world?

My mother has always instilled kindness in me growing up.The Disney movies did a good job at encouraging kindness as well. 😉

Our goal is to create a space where young women can be their most authentic selves, sharing their voices and feeling positive about their future while lifting one another up. How do you see yourself as a positive role model for young women? What advice would you give them to live their most authentic life?

At the end of the day, you can only control how you respond to the actions of others. Try not to take things personally — something I am still working on every day.  Approach situations with kindness while not giving away your power. As women, we forget how powerful we really are.

We can manifest the life we want — it comes down to the power of your intention.

What brought about the idea of creating an apparel line to promote kindness?

Honestly, I have no idea.  It was a way I could combine creativity with the idea of spreading some good. And hey – who doesn’t like a new tee?

What random act of kindness has been your all time favorite to share?

On Christmas Eve, my family and I sealed up envelopes of cash and went around to various stores like Wal-Mart and Salvation Army, filled with last minute holiday shoppers. We took turns walking up and handing the envelopes to random individuals and then just walked away. It was a feel good moment knowing that we might have brought a little bit of light to their holiday season.

Metiza is gathering our like minded “tribe” to help encourage others and #makekindnesscool. Who are others that you think should join us?

I love the idea that Fred+Far puts out into the world along the lines of being kind to yourself. Their pinky ring is a symbol of choosing yourself. We all have to remember to be kind to ourselves as well. I’m working on a campaign that will highlight various individuals that, like you said, help to #makekindnesscool.

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