Ignorance Actually Is Bliss, But Not in The Way You Probably Thought

Ignorance is bliss is the old adage. I used to vehemently disagree with this, but have found myself on an ever-changing journey with this idea recently. Perhaps this saying doesn’t represent what we always thought that it did.

Embracing the Antithesis

Awareness is a mountain we must climb and descend into lower fruitful valleys. The initial climb and journey into growing aware of your existence, and the world that surrounds you, is a challenge.

Not only must you detach from societal and cultural ideas you’ve grown so attached to, but you begin confronting the whole spectrum of this reality and how we perceive it. This hurts.

You lose yourself and small parts of those around you, but gain the much greater gift of beginning to re-kindle your relationship with the purest simplicity of existence.

You leave behind the self that was built upon preconceived notions, loss, ego, and expectations. But, you gain the ceaseless wonder that is following, manifesting, and extending gratitude toward your true, destined path.

The Climb

This component of the process if the climb up the mountain. It’s difficult and speckled with beauty. Venturing onward against challenges, you know something phenomenal awaits at the peak. You may imagine how it might be, but you’ll only truly know once you arrive.

You may veer from the path, but always return. It welcomes you as such.

The top of the mountain is achieving awareness of both harsh and comforting truths that reside in this world, and ultimately knowing they all serve a purpose. Some of these also only ring true for you and that’s okay. Everyone’s journey is different and therefore our truths differ as well.

The descent of this journey is the most important, however. It signifies letting go.

Descend Into Understanding

Here, you observe all of life without judgement and only gratitude. It’s simple and easy now. Quite literally you now are on the path of least resistance.

You may think, “Well, wouldn’t you want the end of this journey to be the breath-taking view at the top of the mountain?” No.

The descent is the final and most tranquil part of this path because you no longer need aesthetic, physical, or overzealous representations of life and beauty to remind you of the magnificence of existing.

You know every single moment is as significant as the next. The peak is as beautiful as the valley.

Most importantly, you realize that you contain all of the power to make life a constant celebration, akin to the view at the peak of a mountaintop.

Coming Full Circle

You know now, ignorance is bliss. Ignorance of the ideas of inadequacy, anger, and ego that have been instilled within us. It’s not a lack of knowledge, but a deep understanding.

An understanding of where the true grandeur of life lies: within us, now.

We solely have the power to harness this awareness, let go, and allow ourselves to become enveloped with nothing but the present moment and what it’s trying to teach us.

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