Is It a Scary Time to Be A Man? Try Being A Woman.


After Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to be the next Supreme Court Justice (despite multiple sexual assault claims), President Trump went on live television claiming it was a scary time to be a man. Seriously. Evidently men are scared that they too will face ‘baseless accusations’ similar to that of the Salem Witch Trials. Guys, Lynzy Lab Stewart feels your pain, and she even wrote a song about it.

This video went viral on Facebook this week featuring Stewart playing her guitar pitting what is ‘a scary time to be a man’ against the constant struggle women face day to day just to stay alive.

Women are tired of being victim blamed when someone attacks them. For years, women have had to create tactics to just stay alive when walking from a building to their car. Carrying mace or figuring out what items in our purse can double as a weapon. The deeply embedded, daily habits and coping mechanisms women live with need to be acknowledged, not dismissed.

One of the most relatable passages from Stewarts song outlines the precautions women take to just go out with friends-

I can’t go to the bar without a chaperone
I can’t wear a mini skirt if it’s the only one I own
I can’t use public transportation after 7 PM
I can’t be brutally honest when you slide into my dms
I can’t go to the club just to dance with my friends
And I can never leave my drink unattended..

She ends her video urging people to vote in the November 6th midterms.

Stewart’s video is just another example at how fed up women are becoming. Since President Trump was elected, women once again found their voice on a national level. They’ve rallied, protested, and even been arrested to prove a point. Enough is enough.

Since Dr. Ford’s accusations entered the public domain, many women not only openly talked about their support for her but urged others the importance of voting in the midterms. According to the Census Bureau, 18 to 24 year old women had the lowest voter turn out in the 2016 election sitting at 46%. That is roughly 10-20% lower than other age groups.

Having a voice and being comfortable enough to use it is wonderful. But that only goes so far. If we want to see real change, then we need to all vote. If we want a government that will fight for us, represent us, and just listen to us we have to vote.

I know many people feel discouraged about voting. The electoral college, confusing for many, makes people feel as if they vote does not directly count. It’s a valid feeling to have. It isn’t, however, an excuse not to vote.

Protests like Stewarts or the ones covering Capitol Hill the last few weeks are sending a message. Times are changing. But let’s also remember to fight for everyone being marginalized. Women unfortunately are not the only ones made to feel less important. Countless races and religions are forced to feel like they are second class citizens under a government that does not care enough to help.

It isn’t a scary time to be a man. It’s a scary time to not be a white man.

Repeating this mantra only feeds into male rage and who knows what will happen next. It’s important that we remember not all men agree with this claim. So many of them have allied themselves with women in support for their cause.

Regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and any other self-identifying label you choose for yourself, we are all people. We have a right to be treated as a person and we deserve to be heard. Our government refuses to do that so it’s time to vote them out.

So when you are at the voting polls remember to not only vote for yourself but everyone being made to feel as if they are not a person under our government. We can change that.

Don’t forget- the government works for us. Not the other way around. 

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