It’s Okay If You Don’t Have It All Figured Out By Now

Let’s just admit that when it comes to life, we don’t all have it figured out yet. Where you may be in your life now may not be exactly where you wished to be ten years prior.

Maybe it’s something as simple as having the plans you made beforehand change. Or maybe, it falls along the lines of something happening unexpectedly that caused you to re-shape/re-mold your life just to fit whatever it is that this new situation has brought.

Whatever it may be, just because things may not have worked out in the manner you intended, or, that you are not where you want to be at in your life right now. Does not meant that there isn’t still time! There is no deadline on when you should “have it all together.” Embracing what is present now while you work on figuring it all out, has the most gratification.

Yes, it’s true that it can become rather frustrating when you make a plan, set new goals for yourself, then have something completely off the charts happen that changes it all. It’s rather obvious that when you hit a certain point in your life and your still fumbling for the ball, it can cause a sense of fear to arise that makes you question everything.

Relax. I mean, let’s be honest, isn’t that what life is all about? Adapting. Waking each day to new experiences, allowing yourself to grow as the time passes and, embracing all the changes that may present themselves along the way?

Life is all about the experiences you have, it’s not about the destination. It’s the journey.

We can all admit that when it comes to change, it can be rather fearful. When you hit a road block in life it can most definitely bring forth uncertainties and doubts. But don’t let it! Yes it’s easy to fall back upon yourself when you feel like giving up, but don’t. Persevere, and keep pushing on.

If needed, switch lanes, re-route, find another way. But at least allow yourself to make the best of the ride you’re on right nowAdmire the scenery, bask in the glory. Give yourself a chance to enjoy it for what it is.

Things won’t always go as planned, you won’t always have things pieced together as you like, and it won’t always be smooth sailing. Sometimes you’ll run into obstacles that steer you away from your original path, and try to keep you from truly living life as intended, but I promise, this was only placed there to make you stronger.

Just because another person may be in a place of content at your age in life, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for you.

Everyone’s journey will be different. Everyone excels at a different pace, and everyone treks different paths. Your ability to succeed is not determined by where another may be at in their life. The only expectation that you have to “meet” is the one you place upon yourself.

Your success will come. Your certainties of who you are, where you wish to be at in life, and all that you truly wish to do, will happen. Where you are at now is right where you need to be. 

Where you are going doesn’t matter, because how far you’ve come, speaks volumes.

Let yourself have a chance to truly get to know the world around you, and enjoy the Journey that you are experiencing right now. Go explore new horizons, have new adventures, and create new opportunities. But by all means, just make time for YOU!

It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet. Your life is just beginning. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. There is still a possibility for it to, so relax. Embrace the journey.

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