Be Bored, Get Creative

“When inspiration or creativity hits, act upon it. Give yourself a chance to experience it.” I can’t count the times when inspiration or creativity has hit and I brushed it off entirely simply because I was too “distracted” to act upon it. I would tell myself, “I’ll get around to it eventually.” Only to realize that as time passed that creative idea that was once present, was now forgotten.

Creativity and inspiration strike when you least expect it to. It can happen any time, any where. Yet if you stop to think about it, you may have noticed that majority of the time when that creativity or inspiration is at its peak, is at a time when you are truly in the moment. Simply living presently with very minor, if any, distractions available to you.

In this day and age, it has seemingly become impossible for many of us to simply disconnect with our technological devices to allow our imaginations to run wild. It seems as if the ability to detach and truly allow ourselves to just be present, or be bored, without these distractions is obsolete.

Our minds do the most creating, the most searching when we are present with the moment we have right now.

How often do you find yourself say sitting at home, unsure what to do, and the first thing you do is reach for your phone, compared to finding something productive to do? Or maybe you reach for the remote, simply to find yourself spending hours binging the latest show on Hulu or Netflix instead of finding an alternative to it all?

How often do you truly allow yourself the ability to just “be bored” and find other things that you can do compared to what you feel is the only thing available for you to do? Are you actually allowing yourself to let your mind wander, or are you constantly busy by these devices that are seemingly always available, to do so?

It’s clear that technology can bring forth entertainment, among other things, but is how you are spending your time on it truly allowing you the ability to do more with your free time? Or is it keeping you from really letting your creative edge drive you?

Technology has beauty, it is a wonderful invention that has brought forth many opportunities for an array of different people. But, it seems that no matter where you go, the ability to disconnect and actually be present. To truly allow yourself an opportunity to experiment with all the wonders you have lying within, is scarcely there.

Life was not meant to be wasted due to these distractions at all times of the day. They were not meant to deprive you of truly feeding that creative hunger that lie within.

Allow yourself the ability to be bored once in a while. Give yourself a chance to simply put down, walk away from, and disconnect from whatever distraction may be pulling you away from creating wonders. Feed that hunger burning within, feed your soul and let magic happen. When that creativity hits, follow suit, let it drive you instead. Create your art.

Step beyond that horizon, go into the unknown, and give yourself the opportunity to just be bored and watch what happens. See what creativity spawns. See how your perception of the world, of self, and the ability to enjoy it all shifts entirely.

Allow your mind to wander. Let inspiration become you, allow creativity to drive you, and let passion mold you. Set whatever beautiful creations and ideas you have lying deep within free, and give yourself the ability to just be bored.

Amazing things happen when you step away from all the noise, and give yourself the opportunity to create wonders.

The world is at your fingertips, you just have to give yourself a chance to step away from it all to actually see and enjoy it. Don’t allow these distractions to pull you from seeing all that you can be, all that you can do anymore. Let your imagination soar.

The world is your canvas, so make it beautiful, create your art.

Also published on Medium.