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Let’s Focus On Our Emotional Intelligence

Listen to your heart!

In a society that profits from our productivity, our emotions and feelings are bound to take the back seat. However, it is incredibly important to work on our ability to understand and process our emotions. That is known as Emotional Intelligence (EI). So, let’s try to focus on improving our EI.

I fist heard the term “emotional intelligence” during an episode of The Bachelor. They gave a simplistic explanation, but they got one thing right. It is all about self awareness. Emotional intelligence is our ability to recognize our emotions and the emotions of others. This helps us improve our reactions. It is also useful to understand why some people have specific reactions to certain emotions.

It completely changed the way I think about my reactions to different feelings. I have always been very logical, as opposed to emotional. I realized that it was because I failed to identify my emotions and learn how to process them, so I just kind of looked for rational answers.

Being rational might seem helpful in today’s society, because we are basically shamed for feeling too much. At the end of the day our emotions make us human and ignoring them will only bottle them up.

emotional intelligence

So, how can we learn more about our emotions? There are all sorts of tests focused on Emotional Intelligence, but like everything it is a learning process. It is different for everyone. A good place to start is listening to our bodies.

For example: if I’m mad I tend to mumble my words, and then cry. So now if I start mumbling I can take a few deep breaths before I sob uncontrollably.

When we have bottled up feelings it is easy to be distracted. All other aspects of our lives kind of fall apart. So, why not learn more about our emotions?

At the end of the day EI is incredibly personal. There are different tools in order to improve our self awareness and there are professionals that can help us recognize our emotions and process them in a healthy manner. It all starts with acknowledging that our emotional intelligence is just as important as our IQ and incredibly important to our overall wellbeing.


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