Live Music Heals: The Mental Escape You Need

live music heals

Finding an activity or event that gets you fully out of your head is imperative to stay sane. It’s basically the first pillar of self-care. Concerts have always been this  mental escape for me. Live music heals the soul.

The dark lights, harmony, feeling of community rallying around the shared love of an artist, and the music itself. It’s a paradise in which your problems you may have went in with were left at the door. The only thing that matters is who you’re with and the music you’re about to be surrounded by.

Concerts are a huge part of my life. I go stir crazy when I don’t go to one for over a month. Addicted much? Yes, yes I am.

A study conducted by the University of London found that regularly attending concerts improved overall well-being. Participants of the study were found to have a 21% increase in well-being, a 25% increase in feelings of self-worth, and a 75% improvement in their mental stimulation.

Another study out of Australia had similar findings in the levels of happiness in those who regularly attended live music events. This study specified that the communal aspect of concerts played a part in the level of happiness as those listening to music by themselves didn’t see the same results.

It is important to note that just because there is this relationship doesn’t necessarily mean there is causation. But usually you get out what you put in.

If you go into a concert with your best people and prepare yourself mentally to have a fun time, it may be easier to let go of anything going on in your life, or just help you get lost for a little bit. We aren’t our best selves when we ignore our body’s pleas for physical or mental breaks. Taking two hours for a mental escape will help do wonders for you.

More and more, concerts are being held at quirky bars and other local haunts that make the experience that much better. Some of my favorite venues in Phoenix are Valley Bar, The Van Buren, and Crescent Ballroom. The Van Buren is the biggest out of the three but all of them provide a more intimate experience compared to arenas or stadiums.

The next time you’re feeling the need for a little mental escape, consider going to a concert! Many of these smaller bar venues sell their concert tickets at an extremely affordable rate. So grab your friends and head into paradise.

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