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Lose The “New Year, New You” Mentality

Today is your day, your time is now.

New year, new you. That’s the quote many of us know all too well. As the new year is approaching fast, it’s easy for many of us to say, “This is it, this is the year. This is my year. I’m gonna do it this time!” We all do it. We make a “plan” create a “new” goal, find ourselves in a New Year’s Resolution that we promise ourselves we will actually follow through on this time. “This year is different!” We say. Except ninety five percent of the time it’s false.

At first you’re dedicated, you’re committed, and you’re all in. Yet, as a time passes, you find yourself slipping. You find yourself making less and less time to do whatever it is you said you were going to do in the first place. You find a new excuse, you make up new reason as to why you can’t do it, and you quit.

“This is too much. I don’t have the time.” You tell yourself this, and you believe it. You start to doubt yourself, you lose that dedication, and you slip. You fall back on your “promise” and you continue to tell yourself, “There’s always next year.” That little white lie,  that you fall for every time, Every year is a new year to make a new resolution, at least that’s what you tell yourself. “New year, New you.” Right?

You have the opportunity right now, to make a change, better who you were yesterday, set new goals for yourself, and accomplish your dreams. This day is yours, so capture it.

new year new you

Why do we continue to allow this to happen? That “New Year New You” motto is an excuse. One that veers you away from accomplishing all you’ve ever dreamed of right now. You continue to tell yourself that lie, that obsolete idea that we push upon ourselves every single year, giving yourself “less time” to actually accomplish everything you wish to.

That idea that your “dreams are too big” or your “goals are too hard” needs to go. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be our own worst enemy, and start taking action right now. Stop making excuses to wait, stop telling yourself you “can’t do it” or it’s “too hard.” and start now.

Every day that is given to you is a time for growth. Every day you face new obstacles, encounter different challenges, and fight different battles, is an opportunity for change. Every morning you wake, is a potential for you to become more than you were the day before.

With everything that is happening in our physical lives, we tend to allow it to cloud our judgement of all that we can accomplish. Leading us to put our dreams on hold. We start to believe that the path we are walking is something we have to do, not something we choose to do. We believe that the ability to stop and smell the roses isn’t possible and we give up.

Every day we have, is a day to take baby steps into becoming more than we ever dreamed of. Life isn’t happening to us, it’s happening because of us. When you start to believe that, anything is possible.

We hold the power to take control of our own lives, by turning it into anything we want it to be. You control your own reality, and with one step at a time you can succeed. Next year doesn’t have to wait, it can start today. Lose that New Year, New You mentality, allow yourself to start now.

Wake up every single day telling yourself you can do this and follow through. Take baby steps, take action. Make it a habit and stick with it. Don’t go all in come January. Go all in right now.

Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t fall back on yourself, don’t wait until next year. Persevere through, and buckle down now. Dedication and motivation are everything. So stop telling yourself you can’t, and start telling yourself you can.

You’ve come this far in life, faced many different challenges, overcome many battles, yet you still stand.

Quitting should not be an option. Keep trying. It won’t always be easy, but it is possible. When you allow yourself to really commit, miracles will happen. One door will close, another will open. Next year isn’t promised, today is. So stop falling for that lie you keep telling yourself, and start now.

New year, new you? That’s old school. This year, this time, it’s now.


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