Lunar Powered Periods: How to Be In-Synch with the Moon

lunar powered periods

The moon is known to control the ocean tides, but it also corresponds to menstruation and the natural flow of fluids within our bodies. Aligning yourself with the feminine power of the moon and its draw can affect your life monumentally.


Periods were once a thing of celebration in certain cultures such as Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Taoists.

During this time, women were believed to function as beacons of spirituality and intuition. Goddesses of the moon were created and worshipped as sacred.

In traditional Ayurveda, it’s believed that the shakti prana exists in every woman and that a woman’s emotional and physical fluctuations are divine. Ultimately, they connect her to the earth, universe, and everything around her.

It wasn’t until the past few thousand years that we deemed periods unsanitary and shameful. Women became seen as unclean and incapable while they were menstruating.

From these ideologies sprouted the terms like “hysteria” and “lunacy.” Hysteria from the Latin hystericus or “of the womb,” and lunacy from Luna.

lunar powered periods

Corresponding Phases

Menstruation occurs in phases, as does the moon. The phases include: the follicular phase, ovulation, bleeding, and the luteal phase.

Waxing cycles of the moon parallel the days prior to ovulation, the follicular phase. During this time, you may harbor increased energy as the moon slowly transitions into its full form.

A full moon coincides with ovulation. A woman may feel most feminine during this time. Nurturing characteristics surface and you may find you feel more attractive and empowered than normal.

Least desirable is the luteal phase, which includes infamous pre-period symptoms such as bloating, tiredness, and cramps. This time can be especially brutal if you haven’t done the proper introspection and intuitively-driven practices leading up to the bleed. Some even speculate that rejecting or demeaning your body’s natural processes and divinity, may increase the chances of having an uncomfortable period.

The bleeding component of your period corresponds to the new moon. This time should be used for introspection and to deeply connect with your body and nature. It is an opportunity to refresh and re-align yourself with values and goals.

How to Re-Connect

Even if your cycle isn’t in synch with lunar phases yet, there are many ways that you can re-connect to this energy.

First, observe the phases of the moon as they occur. Journal how you’re feeling during these times. You can invest in a [amazon_textlink asin=’B07DH9RNL7′ text=’moon phase calendar’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’metizamagaz04-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’355fd4db-b146-11e8-b340-bb24212bd4e6′] or download one of the many apps that will tell you what phase the moon currently resides in.

Log your own personal cycles and compare them to that of the moon. This also helps to grow in tune with your cycle and body, separate from any lunar connection it maintains.

Try and sleep in as dark of a room as possible. In order to re-connect with the moon’s forces you must allow yourself exposure to light that parallels that which naturally occurs. Invest in an eye mask or black out curtains. Even putting a lamp in your room during a full moon can aid in your moon-cycle connection.

Follow specific practices during the moon phases. During the new moon assess your current state in life, and inquire about what satisfies you and what could improve or change.When the moon is full take a moon-bath, meaning simply laying out in the moonlight.

Embrace the Process

We so often deem periods as an unclean inconvenience. But in reality, it’s a beautiful process and opportune time to connect with the immense forces of nature and feminine energy that reside within you.

For more scientifically-based information on menstruation and the moon visit Dr. Northrup’s article Wisdom on the Menstrual Cycle.

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