New Year’s Resolutions Are Positive Promises to Yourself

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The end of the year brings about time to reflect, as well as look forward towards new beginnings and opportunities. It’s a popular time of year to make New Year’s Resolutions, though sometimes it’s easy for them to feel like empty promises. There’s nothing wrong or overly optimistic with making resolutions, so why not put effort into them and create a regimen that will ensure they’re effective in their intended purpose? Let’s talk about ways you can make resolutions smartly and easily, and more importantly, stick to them in the coming year.

Think about what needs improvement. Surely there’s one or a couple specific areas of your life and routine that you think could improve, so target those areas and think about positive changes you want to apply. Physically, emotionally, academically, financially? Which part of your daily life do you think needs revamping – your gym routine, study habits, diet? Think specifically and on a smaller scale, it will be easier to achieve your goals and make progress when you know exactly what area you need to work on. Identify the areas you want to change, whether it’s just one or a variety.

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Make a Detailed Plan

Resolutions like “I will raise my math grade” or “I will workout more” or “I will save money” are well-intended and good ideas, but they’re going to fall apart without a plan. If you want to raise your grades, work on things like a detailed study plan or tutoring schedule. Are you going to meet with your teacher or a peer tutor more frequently? Set aside an extra block of time each night to study? Be specific. If you want to workout more, try making a schedule of days you will go to the gym and the workouts you will do there. Are you going to do cardio 3 times a week and yoga once a week? Workout at home once a week and go to the gym once a week?

Be specific in your goals and ideas.

Be specific in your goals and ideas and try writing out a set, definitive schedule. It will make it easier to achieve your goals and continue improving if you have a concrete idea of how you’re going to do so. If your resolution is “I will save money,” Metiza girl Anita has some great tips on how to save money and improve your financial literacy, you should checkout her article going into the coming year if your resolution involves balling on a budget. No matter what area your resolution targets, try physically writing out a plan to back your resolution and execute it in a productive way. A game plan is the only way to see results, and this mantra truly applies to any area of life.

Keep Resolutions Fluid

One of the gripes many people seem to have with resolutions is that there is no reason for them to occur at the New Year; that you could be bettering yourself any time of year. While this is true, I still maintain New Year’s resolutions are a great idea and there’s certainly nothing wrong or harmful about making them. However, there is validity in this critique of them, and it’s important to remember there’s never a bad or wrong time to try and improve yourself. If you’re not up to making New Year’s resolutions, but hit a slump in a couple of months and want to make some resolutions then, go for it.

Resolutions that work towards a happier, healthier you are relevant at any time of year, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to create them at any particular time. If you do want to buckle down and make some resolutions for the New Year, as I know I will be, try and stick to a few key areas and implement a plan behind each one, you’ll find it helpful and beneficial.

Happy New Year, everyone, here’s looking towards a wonderful new year ahead. May it be filled with happiness, health, blessings, and beauty beyond measure.