Why You Should Make Time For Self-Care


We all have busy lifestyles and that leaves little room to take care of ourselves. We should be incorporating self care into our lives to make things easier. I know finding the time may be difficult, but you may surprised on how easy it really is to find those moments.

What Is Self-Care? 

This term is so broad and basically covers anything you do to be good to yourself. It could involve doing things you love such as working out, binging on those Netflix shows, and reading books. Cuddling your dog and eating Ben and Jerry’s counts too! It’s something so simple but many people find it hard to find the time to do things they love. But this is to remind you that taking care of yourself is a priority also.

How To Find The Time 

Making the time is finding the time. Actually setting aside time to do self care will be easier to incorporate it into your routine. For example, in the mornings, you can start waking up earlier so you have time to do your favorite workouts. You can even set a time to drink your coffee. Because honestly, where would we be without our morning cup of joe? It can be an our hour or something as quick as 15 minutes that can be all the difference.

Sometimes, multitasking to get a little self care in your routine will help also. Next time your studying for that chemistry test, turn on your favorite podcast and listen while you work. Something educational like NPR or comedians ranting will keep your mind stimulated. On a work grind? Try doing some lunges in the office next time to keep your body moving and blood flowing.

Soon, taking time for yourself will help you be more efficient and successful. Aced your chemistry test? Great! Got praise from your boss about that awesome business plan you created? Even better!


Self Care I Practice 

As a college student who juggles five classes and basically two jobs, self care saves me every time. I try to be mindful on how I spend my time while also putting my best effort forward. If I didn’t find those moments for myself, I would always be stressed out about the things I have to get done.

Remember that self care is not just focusing on your physical health, but also your mental being. Mental health is something we should pay attention to because it’s part of how our body functions. If you make time in doing the things you love, it will boost your attitude. Something as easy as journaling before going to bed or meditating for 15 min in the morning will make you feel glad you are taking of yourself.

Practicing mindfulness when doing the things you love will make you live in the moment. So no distractions, and just make the moment between you and the thing you love. That’s how practicing self care makes an impact on your physical self, your routine, and your outlook on life.