What the World Needs Now Is MoreLove.Today


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the negative in the world that you felt compelled to do something? The last year has been moment after moment of feeling overwhelmed with people’s pain. This election cycle has disillusioned so many of us in ways we couldn’t anticipate. In a world where we thought we were making such progress, it turns out it may not have been as great as we thought. This is where the idea of MoreLove.Today came along. The truth is that we, (Tyler, Shannon, Matt, and I) all wanted to create something meaningful, we just didn’t know how or even where to start.

The Story of MoreLove.Today

I had no way of communicating to people that I was here for them, empathizing with them.

For Tyler and Shannon, it officially started the morning of the Dallas police shootings. Tyler’s phone rang, and  a friend immediately asked him, “What the heck is happening in the world?” They talked about feeling helpless, unsure of how to make a difference or where to step in. As action oriented people, typically problem solvers, this was a heavy feeling to have. They started tossing around ideas and talking about the issues that could actually be solved.

As they hung up the phone, Tyler called a friend who lives in Dallas to check in with him and asked what was happening. He said, “I have no way of communicating to people that I am here for them, empathizing with them.” Listening to him talk about wanting to be part of the solution, but not knowing where to start reiterated the need to do something.

It was clear that what was missing was basic connection.

From that moment, the mission was to create a mechanism to facilitate connection and remind people we are doing this together. We all quickly fell in love with the idea and wanted to be a part of it. We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be involved in a movement that could be responsible for bringing people together of all genders, races, faiths, and walks of life. We created a site as a platform to reach out to people that were in need of positivity and support. Over time the idea transformed into our current vision for MoreLove.Today.

Human connection is the ability to communicate with each other without judgment.

The more we thought about the concept of human connection, the more we thought about how much of a disconnect there is in society these days. So many people live each day not fully understanding why there is so much violence and hatred in the world around them. A lot of this originates from people not being able to share with one another. Human connection is the ability to communicate with each other without judgment. In today’s world of social media that’s extremely hard to avoid.

MoreLove.Today offers the ability to share stories of any kind anonymously, and gives people the power to send and receive, judgement free. It’s one step closer to giving everybody a sense of connection, which is essentially love. And in painful times this world is in definite need of love.

Our mission is to foster connection in a few different ways

First, it will create a connection between the author and reader of the story. Maybe it will inspire the reader, or open their eyes to a perspective they haven’t understood before. We want to remind people we are experiencing life together. Current media keeps telling us we have to choose- pro or con, democrat or republican, male or female, black or white, just pick a side! Why do we have to pick? Why are we asked to be divided, on one side of the situation or the other? We are all here, all people, living our lives with realness and doing it side by side. That is enough for us to be connected.That is enough for us to support each other.

‏The MoreLove.Today platform is an opportunity for people to share their stories in whatever way they choose.

MoreLove.Today t-shirtThe story of their life, their week, the worst day they’ve ever had, something their struggling with, a wish, or simply a small interaction they had with someone at the store. There is no limitation to what people choose to share, and we are genuinely excited to see what stories we receive. All sharing is done on a volunteer basis and anonymously. Once a story is submitted on the site, it is assigned a number. That number is then printed on a MLT shirt. As the tees find their homes, the number can be searched on MoreLove.Today, connecting each story with a complete stranger.

‏‏The second type of connection we hope to create is on a more personal level- We hope that when people wear their shirts, they feel inspired to start a conversation and share a little love with each other. They could even share their shirt number so more people can look up the stories. We want everyone to carry the MoreLove.Today mission. The world can be a scary place. We are trying, in our own small way, to bring More Love Today. Check us out.