There’s No Rush To BEING. It Is Safe To Be You.

rush to being

There’s no rush to BEING.Everything is a TOOL, not the ANSWER.

I’m observing so many of the “woke” community approach spirituality like the way hustlers approach getting to the top of their corporate gig (ya know, the kinds of peeps that “spiritual” people judge + wrong). Where are you going so fast?

I get we want evolve. It’s our natural drive to evolve, to expand, up-level, grow, become. But there’s no rush to BEING. We’re getting “there” in every moment.

Life is the symphony and the end game is simply playing in the process. There is no end game – or if there is, the final hurrah of the symphony is when we STOP growing, when we die. So why are you flogging yourself to get to the end game? The grand climax of the symphony?

You’re exactly where you need to be, love.

It’s safe to soften.

It’s safe to just be you.

Know what’s available to utilize as tools when you feel the subtle tug of your soul guide you to the ways we can evolve











But cherish, mostly, THE BEING.

After all, you can do all the fucking work in the world and where does it lead you? Right here, home to you.
So what are you doing, rushing to the next thing to try, just to journey your way right back here? You don’t need permission from the cosmos to just enjoy where you’re at.

There is no password lock on the sweetness of Being.

You don’t need to make it to level 11 of consciousness to be worthy to access the stunning, irresistible beauty + perfection of this, right here. The universe doesn’t give a fuck how many self help books you’ve read or how much money you make or how busy can you be (sidenote: stop glorifying busy). The universe gives a fuck about how much you can be all of you right here right now.

How much love you can let in, and then circulate. How human you can let yourself be. The messy, boring, hard parts as well as the orgasmic, creative, expressive parts.

Don’t fool yourself in to thinking the tools are your epic answer.

There is no answer, love.

Just this. Here. Now. Breathe it in.

Do you…

☽ say yes when you really mean no?
☽ feel over-responsible for how other people feel?
☽ do things for others to ensure they like you?
☽ over give until you’re burned out?
☽ allow others emotions dictate how you feel?
☽ get overly involved with other peoples challenges?
☽ find it hard to say no?
☽ don’t know how to discern what is a full-bodied YES for you?

Join us in virtual circle to call the parts of you that feel missing back through a supportive space. You’ll be safely led on a journey of mind-body-emotion harmonization through a guided meditation whilst receiving distance reiki to support you in the release of stagnant, stuck emotion, clearing space for illumination.


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