Ok Ladies. Be Prepared to Lean In and Sit At The Table.

Lean In Girl Sit at the table

Some of you may have heard of Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. Sheryl is my own personal hero and an amazing advocate for girls and women. Her book Lean In is changing how women think, and how they approach their jobs, from the first one through their entire career and beyond.

While often it’s the lack opportunities women have that limits their path, in many cases it’s their own mindset and approach. She is on a mission to change that with the Lean In movement and has a wonderful, gracious and thoughtful way of doing so.

Sit at the Table is one of her 10 tips in the new book, Lean In for Graduates, and in the clip below, she gives us an overview of what the concept is about. How many times have you backed away from a table whether it be in the lunchroom or the classroom? Let’s stop backing away girls. Time to Lean In!

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