An Open Thank You Letter To My Friends

thank you

The other day I was getting out of one of my classes and I saw one of my friends, standing outside holding a Starbucks for me. It was totally out of the blue, she did not have to do that at all, but she did. It really got me thinking just how awesome my friends are, and just how lucky I am to have a group of friends that care about one another as much as mine does. And because I love my friends so much and appreciate everything that they do for me, I’ve decided to thank all my awesome friends, and share what makes them so amazing!

So here it goes my list of super corny “Thank yous” to my friends that I love so much!

Thank you to all those friends who see I’m having a bad day and send me funny internet memes to cheer me up. Just the fact that you want me to smile and be happy makes me happy! You guys are the best!

Thank you to all my guy friends who walk me to the car when my mom comes to pick me up or ride the bus with me to my stop even if it’s past where you need to get off. It means a lot to me that you’re concerned enough about my safety that you’re willing to do things that may be inconvenient. I really appreciate it!

Thank you to all you fantastic friends who I know I can tell anything and you will listen and to the ones that trust me enough to do the same. You guys have no clue how important it is for me to be able to talk to you guys, and how much it means to me when you feel you can talk to me. You’re great! Thank you so much.

Thank you to all those friends who know I will come unprepared and bring an extra pen for me to use in class, the ones that help me prepare for tests and the ones that I know I can call when I have no clue how do an assignment. You guys are my lifesavers!

Thank you for all the good morning texts, shared snacks, helping hands, warm hugs, obnoxious laughter, acceptance, love, and all of your amazing-ness.

I can’t even come close to listing everything that I love and appreciate about my friends because that would end up being hundreds of pages of mushy cheesiness, but I hope that all of them know just how much I love having them in my life!

I’m so happy to have my crazy, diverse, goofy, funny, kind, supportive, accepting, loving group of friends and I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t fortunate enough to have them. They make me a better, happier person and isn’t that what friends are for?

So let’s all take the time and say thank you to our friends!

Take the time to acknowledge everything they do for you and tell them what you love about them. Brag about those people that you’re grateful for, those people that we would be lost without. We often take the people in our lives for granted when really they help us to be better, kinder, happier people. Take the time to tell them how much you love them, and how wonderful they are because our friends are gifts and we all need to be extremely grateful.

Let’s Chat! Who are YOU thankful for in your life? Jot them an open letter or tell them what they mean to you straight up!

Originally posted on I Am That Girl, by Yasmeen Kumar an anti-poverty activist, blogger, animal lover, and band geek.