Learning to Use the Power of Crystals

Connect to the world's energies on a whole new level

Spirituality seems to be all the rage today. Within this new wave of metaphysical interest is the power of crystals. From manifesting your intentions to transforming energies and vibrations, crystals function as powerful earthly materials.

Crystal History

Using the power of crystals has been present within various cultures for thousands of years.

Ancient Sumerians included crystals in “magic formulas.” Egyptians included crystals in different types of adornments and made cosmetics from stones such as galena.


Greeks used amethyst, which translates to ‘not drunken,’ to prevent hangovers and drunkenness.


Jade holds significance in China, Mexico, and New Zealand.


Crystals are also mentioned in religious texts such as the Bible and Koran.

For more historical information regarding crystals, visit Crystal Age.

Uses of Crystals

Ultimately, crystals represent our endless connection to Mother Earth. These stones are believed to hold powers and energy that initiate spiritual and even physical healing.

These elements supposedly connect us to energetic realms in which our brain cannot reach alone.

There are many different ways you can utilize crystals. Such as:

  • Creating an altar for prayer or meditation
  • Purchase crystal jewelry
  • Establish a crystal grid 
  • Simply holding your crystal and set an intention with it
  • Balance your chakras through laying corresponding stones on your body

Using crystals to restore imbalanced chakras also connects to the physical and possibly medicinal restorative effects they possess.

While there is no hard scientific evidence that crystals promote physical healing, many anecdotal stories exist.

When utilizing crystals in this way, each stone heals a certain part of the body. For example, amethysts aid in intestinal distress. Whatever practitioner you’re visiting would place the stone on whichever area needs healing.


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Cleansing Rituals

Just as positive and negative energies accumulate within ourselves, the same can happen with crystals. Therefore, they need cleansing when you first get them and periodically afterwards.

Crystals can be cleaned through many different methods including:

  • Moon-bathing or sunbathing: just set your crystal outdoors for a few hours
  • Clear the area by burning sage and hold your crystal in the smoke
  • Place the crystal on soil for a day or so
  • Use selenite or quartz to charge your stone by setting it upon either for a few hours

Common Stones

There are many different types of beautiful crystal in the world, each of which will have varying effects on each individual person.

Here are some of the most commonly used crystals and the purposes they often play in energetic rituals:

Clear Quartz: As mentioned above, quartz re-charges other crystals. This stone strengthens any intentions you’ve set for yourself and is ideal to begin your collection.

Selenite: Another cleansing crystal, selenite can rid the body and mind of negative energies and strengthens your connection to other surrounding crystals.


Shungite: This dark stone can protect you from dangerous energy and actively soothes anxieties. It even counteracts energies that radiate from electronics.

Amethyst: A beautiful deep purple, amethyst shines most during meditation as it is a spiritual protector and proponent of inner strength.



Citrine: Visually and spiritually, citrine harness the power of the sun. It works best when placed in direct sunlight and is extremely effective in manifestation practices. Citrine encourages positivity.


Starting Your Collection

While each crystal does have a believed way in which it aids energies and ailments, your intuition is the best guide when it comes to choosing a stone.

If you have the ability to visit a store with crystals and stones, pause and get in touch with your inner self as deeply as you can.

Try and identify which crystals draw you. Hold them in your hands and feel the energetic connection between their surface and your skin. You’ll be effortlessly called to whichever crystal energy you’re in need of at that time, so just listen.

Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystals or not, having a practice to set intentions for yourself and create positivity can do no wrong.

Take time for yourself in any way you see fit. You deserve to embrace the radiance within and around you each and everyday.


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