Presence. It’s Not About How, But Where We Live Our Lives.


Jumping to altering the way in which we navigate our lives and how we act is often our first course of action. However, the most effective change we can make is not how we live, but where we live our lives. Embrace presence.

Location, Location, Location

Consciously deciding where you live your life, isn’t choosing between the beach and mountains or city and suburb.

It’s electing a life based in the present moment versus the past or future.

Living in the past or the formulating expectation for the future creates an unfulfilled life. Nothing is good as it once was or as it could be. Existing anywhere but the present moment guarantees rampant dissatisfaction.

Moments we’ve lost to time cannot change. This is their greatest and worst attribute. If you incessantly live in what once was, you deprive yourself of all that’s being created in the present. But the past can be a constant source of comfort. Unlike what now unfolds before you or is in store for another day, events you’ve already experienced bare consistent meaning.

While reminiscing about the past is natural and sometimes unavoidable existing here entirely creates a present life void of significance. Through defining yourself by what has happened to you, you deprive yourself of all that life currently provides you. The past doesn’t define the present, nor does it create the future.

Expectation kills potential. It’s easy getting caught up in potentialities but robs you of what the world strive to show you each day. Foreseen events crumble under the pressure of expectations and projected significance.

Feel the excitement, embrace the dread, but move forward with your mind open. Know unraveling events only carry our projections and nothing more.

Letting Go

Releasing everything excluding the present moment from controlling life’s meaning defines freedom. Getting to this point requires consistent and intentional thought.

We naturally assign meaning to future and current events through reflecting upon how similar events unraveled in our past. Release yourself from this practice and cling to the truth that what once occurred and what happens exists independently of one another. Completely.

Liberate expectation from the future as well. Accomplish this via the realization that assigning meaning to what hasn’t occurred robs life of the ability to gift you with what that moment was really meant to signify.

Shifting your thoughts in this way isn’t simple, it’s not easy, but it’s entirely worth it. Allow life to take the reins as you enjoy every moment given to you.

The Spirit’s Location

Long story short, live in the now. Our highest selves only exist in the events currently unfolding before us. Every moment is the same moment from a different point of view. At some point, all we reflect on and project is the now.

We only can control this moment. As you read this, the moment your experience will never be replicated. Embrace each fleeting emotion. Nothing defines us other than who we are right now, and how we act upon those values.

Become the best that you can be through finally appreciating the present moment for all it is. Whatever occurs is a gift independent of anything that has ever occurred and anything that will.

Existing in the present moment is actually living. Remembrance of the past and calculations of the future are not life, but only fabricated thought. Savor every moment of this existence through literally living it. Let go, move forward, live.

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