4 Rainy Day Activities that Will Take You Back to Childhood

Rainy day boots in a puddle

Rainy days are my favorite part of living in the Pacific Northwest where I’m from. Likely it’s starting to at least feel like fall for most of us. Nothing is better than falling asleep to the quiet beat of the rain. But sometimes, a week of gray clouds can be dull without new activities. If you need something to do on a rainy day, or just need something to do at all, here are four things that need to be brought back from childhood.

Blanket Forts:

I have a confession. I’ve kept my stuffed animals from childhood. Only one has reserved the right to stay on my bed (yes, I do pick favorites). I keep the rest stowed away for the perfect rainy day. Rainy days are a prime time to construct intricate blanket forts. My love of tying blankets across chairs until a massive fort is made has never died. The best part of the blanket fort is that the fun isn’t over when your castle is complete. Curl up with a good book, find the perfect movie, or take a nap in your new home. The options are endless.

Blanket fort

Puppet Shows

Whenever the power went out (this happens often in the PNW), my sister and I got out our book of shadow puppets and a flashlight. We would experiment with different colored lights, characters, and props. Puppet shows were fun to put on for the rest of the family and we wrote elaborate stories to act out. Bringing back the puppet show is definitely something to try doing regardless of your age. You can write scripts with your friends and have fun being creative with basic materials. If you’re really getting into the show, you can even make a playlist to match it and film the whole production.

sock puppets

Color with Crayons

The best part of elementary school was the designated time I had every day to color with my set of crayons. Nothing beat the smell of colored wax and the pictures I could draw from my imagination. There is something about coloring with crayons that makes it extremely different than using colored pencils or markers. It might have to do with the nostalgia surrounding the molds of color, but it also has to do with the lack of perfection that goes along with crayons. There’s a reason crayons aren’t seen in the high school scene, they just aren’t good for detail work. But sometimes coloring just for the fun of coloring is what everyone needs.

crayons and coloring books
Jump In a Puddle

Grab your raincoats and jacket, and find the nearest puddle. Rainy days were the most fun when I was able to go explore the outside world for a bit. Making a splash in water has a simple satisfaction. If you don’t live in an area where puddles are readily available (what’s up Phoenix!), not to worry. The point of this idea is to go outside and explore. The great thing about even taking a few minutes to look around outside is that you’ll always find something you never noticed before. The outside world is always changing, meaning that every day is a new adventure if you look for it. Puddles are lots of fun to jump in, but even taking a walk, listening for birds, or watching the clouds can help the cloudy day fade away.

woman in boots jumping in water.

So after exploring the outdoors, grab your set of Crayola’s, curl up in your blanket fort and get to working on props for your puppet show! Grab some hot chocolate too!