It’s Registration Time! Here are 6 Reasons to Choose Early Classes

early classes

I know, the thought of rolling over and switching off the alarm on your phone at 8:00am (or earlier) sounds miserable. Even though I consider myself to be a morning person, every morning I have to wake up for my 9:20, I groan. For those of you in high school, I’m deeply sorry that you are getting up long before the sun, and have no choice in the matter. You’ll get through it, promise. The truth is, nobody really wants to wake up in the morning and drag themselves to early classes especially in the cold.

Sure there have been plenty of mornings where I’ve regretted my decision to take early classes. After all, wouldn’t it just be SO much nicer to sleep in for an extra hour, or two, or three? Of course it would. But I think taking early classes was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my schedule, and here’s why:

Your day begins early, and ends early. Well the academic stuff does.

While the getting up early part feels like a major drag, if you start your classes earlier in the day, you finish earlier. I’ve only taken one night class in college – because I struggle to sit through it, I’m tired from my day, and it usually ends with me on my laptop during class. I find that when I finish my morning classes, I have enough time to fit in my meals and get my homework done before my extra curriculars or any afternoon classes.

I manage my time better.

When I know I have to get up the next day for a morning class, I’m much more likely to push myself harder to get my homework done during the day rather than procrastinating and leaving my homework to the very last minute.

I go to bed on time (and wake up on time!)

Instead of staying up to the late hours, I make myself go to bed at a more reasonable time than I normally would if I had a later class. I also have less trouble waking up in the morning, and often wake up before my alarm goes off. Great trick from Rachel is setting those positive alarms too!

early classes drinking coffee
I’ve found creative ways to make my mornings better.

I allow myself the time to drink my tea, write in my journal, or do my makeup before I leave the house. The sunshine streams through the common room of the apartment I live in, and the natural light puts me in a better mood. If I slept in, I’d miss the morning, which would throw me in a funk. Winter sun setting early makes you feel like you lost the whole day. Helps keep that Seasonal Affective Disorder away.

My mood has increased.

Waking up on time for class has actually increased my mood because I’m getting the sleep required to maintain my schedule. Recently, I’ve also downloaded the app Headspace, in attempts to re-center myself in the morning with meditation. I love this app, because it helps me focus and collect my thoughts in order to get my day started. Though I have very long days, I find that getting an early start makes me feel better prepared for not only my classes and my extensive amounts of homework, but I feel more present in my everyday life. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I find that routine really helps keep me in a schedule that helps me remain positive and feeling good.

I’m no longer in a rush.

When I have later classes, I tend to overestimate the amount of time I have in my day – which makes me procrastinate and also forget the time. I’m someone who has a really bad concept of time anyway, so when I have later classes, I end up rushing to get ready even though I’ve been allotted way more time to get ready. Having to get up early has forced me to create a set amount of time for makeup, breakfast, and other things I need to do to get ready, like pack my bag or finish some homework I needed to catch up on. Rushing and cramming are two things that I’ve never found useful or work for me in my college career, so becoming a morning person has made me slow down my morning and break it into parts.

So next time you’re thinking about your schedule for the semester (which is likely now!) seriously consider taking early classes. Maybe not an 8 AM, but at my school 9:20’s are offered, and I highly recommend them for anyone who is trying to become a morning person, get themselves in a routine, or just feel better about their days.