Self-Esteem is the New Black

self esteem

Raise your hand if you’ve never felt down on yourself. Hmmm, no hands. DUH! Sometimes things just suck, but they suck worse when your self-esteem gets shot and you start blaming yourself for everything.

Low self-esteem can make you anxious or depressed. In the current state of humanity we have enough other things to fear other than ourselves. I mean it, and not to be cliche, but, you are the most important person in your own life.

So, what if I told you that you don’t need anyone’s help to love yourself and find your happiness? Well in fact you can. And that was my cheesy segue into how to boost your self-esteem with these five principles.

One) Start With Instant Gratification

This step is number one because it is so simple. It can literally be a pat on the back or a round of applause. And if you really want to feel good, get a little horn so you can “toot toot” on it. Or, if those ideas are a little flashy then just stick to a simple “Nice” under your breath.

Pick anything that you can start a positive habit with.

This instant self-esteem booster is quick and completely portable. You can apply it to every situation that you may need a little extra self-hype.

Two) Find Your Highest Point

On any given day that you feel the best of your best, like 120% and you think you can take on the world, get out your phone and record yourself a message.

It can be happy, silly or serious. However you feel that future-bummed-out-you will respond best.

There is no shame in the time or place you record this little monologue as long as you know how amazing you are right in that moment and that you can always be as amazing as you think you are.

Three) Get It Down on Paper

Now, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just go to good ‘ole fashioned paper and pen before this and save the random self-affirming monologue. The answer is that when you say things out loud to yourself, you become less likely to say something that you can’t follow through with. There’s nothing crazy like “I promise myself I’ll never be upset again” which would be a lot easier to let slip out on paper.

There’s no point to giving yourself false hope because everyone will still feel down sometimes, it’ll never be fully curable so don’t set yourself up for failure because it will only discourage you.

Write what you said and talk about how awesome your life is and why it is so amazing.

Four) Add Some Sections

This is the part where you can really delve into who you are inside. Jot down your likes and dislikes, daily/monthly/annual goals, and anything you would put under the umbrella of passions or interests.

These aspects will help you stay true to yourself. You can control if you let your integrity waiver. If you every find yourself straying from your core values you can always refer back to this little diary of yourself.

My favorite section of this exercise is the likes and dislikes because, for me at least, this is the only part that is constantly changing and getting more interesting or letting me visually see what stage of my life I am in.

Five) Make It Real

Steps one through four may seem like a breeze, and while they are, they are rendered entirely useless if you cannot find yourself the time and effort to repeat these things you love about yourself out loud.

You have to put it out into the universe. Take all that good energy you have for yourself and repeatedly shower yourself in praise until you believe it without a single doubt in your mind.

Once you ooze positive self-esteem the world will seem less dreary, and daunting tasks can start to feel like something to feel accomplished with upon completion.

Bonus* Treat Yo’Self

This is by far the best tip of all  of these but, seriously, don’t forget to actually reward yourself on occasion.

I must warn you though, this tip can get out of hand if you start to prematurely treat yourself or if you treat yourself after a bad day (don’t shop or eat your feelings). My best advice for this hiccup is to develop a system. Let it be a classic gold star star chart or based on the colors of your mood tracker for the month, I have fount it best, no matter what, to implement structure into this delightful treat.