Build Your Confidence with a Daily Message, Thanks to Shine Text

shine text

Have you ever seen a inspiring TED Talk or Instagram post and suddenly get a surge of confidence? The feeling that no matter what you may be going through, everything is going to be alright? I call these my “moments of clarity”, and they’re far too rare. It shouldn’t be so difficult to think positively about yourself, and have that sentiment last (at least throughout the day, right?)  First things first: it’s possible–you just have to start your day off on a good note. That’s where Shine Text comes in.

Shine Text is a genius company founded by Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey that will send a daily motivational text along with a research-backed article or helpful tips to get you in the confident mindset you need to rule your day. One of my favorite Shine texts thus far has been about the tiny victories in life.shine text

Whether you’re a college student, a badass woman with a powerful job, or you’re 25 and just moved back into your childhood home (hey-ooo), we’re all searching for that one “thing” we believe will make our lives better. A new job, a new car, a fancy apartment…the list goes on. We tend to forget about the little things in life that actually end up making us happier than we realize. Just something to think about, y’all!

That simple text message from last week forced me to consider my current situation and re-evaluate some important decisions. Thanks Shine Text – couldn’t have done it without you. I’ve loved getting my text at 8:00am sharp and don’t think I’ll be stopping them any time soon. With that, I challenge you to sign up!

Be bold. Be confident. Be fearless.