Spend More Time in Nature 101

Being outdoors enhances every aspect of your life

Regardless of background, we all have one thing in common: we wouldn’t be here without the Earth.  Yet, it seems we continue to venture farther and farther from this truth. So caught up in work, school, and other demanding tasks we easily forget to spend time in nature.

Spending time in nature can have the following effects:

  • Emotional strength and increased enthusiasm towards life
  • Lessens depression and anxiety related symptoms
  • Increased immunity and lower blood pressure
  • Higher levels of creativity

Now, you are most likely (understandably) wondering, “with my busy life, how can I find time to spend outdoors?” Well, here’s a handful of ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin D:

Buy a House Plant
  • If you’re confined to a small apartment or even dorm, purchasing a green buddy can do wonders. Whether a succulent or flower, having a bit of the outdoors, indoors increases your mood more than you’d think!

time in nature

Image via Candy Pop

Tend to a Garden
  • Nothing is more satisfying than planting and harvesting a crop. If you have access to a yard start a garden of your own. If not, find a community garden you can tend to.
time in nature

Image via Communication 4 Health

Go for a Walk
  • Take a stroll outside before work or school or during your lunch break. It’s a nice way to either start your day or experience a moment of calm in the midst of a busy schedule.
time in nature

Image via Real Farmacy

Work Outside
  • Write your essay or catch up on emails outside! You’ll find that your productivity is increased when you’ve got a bit of sunlight to keep your mind alert.

time in nature

Image via Colocation Guard

  • Sometimes Netflix at the end of a long day sounds ideal, but maybe try and check in with yourself and see if a stroll outside or hike might be a better way to spend your time.

time in nature

Image via Snorg Trees

Move Dates Outdoors
  • Instead of going to the mall or the movies, have a picnic in the park, go to the beach, or hike on a local trail.

time in nature

Image via The Week UK

Switch Up Your Commute
  • If you live close enough to your place of work or school, bike there a couple days a week.

time in nature

Image via Jay Blackmore

  • Participate in a beach cleanup or charity event to benefit your local environment.

time in nature

Image via The Boston Calendar

You’ll quickly find spending more time with Mother Nature allows you to focus and act with increased intention in every other facet of your life. Taking small steps can, and will, have major impacts.

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