Stay In Your Lane and Stop Comparing Yourself

stop comparing yourself to others

One of the best pieces of advice anyone has ever said to me is “stay in your lane”. It sounds aggressive, but wouldn’t everything be easier if we all just follow our own lane and stop trying to cut people off by comparing ourselves to others?

Making plans for life seems easier when you follow the steps of those who have achieved some of the things we want. There’s a difference between being inspired by people and getting lost in comparison though.

The “comparison game,” as Psychology Today calls it, is something we all play at times. Scrolling through social media can make us feel both envious and smug, and that sparks a lot of negative and toxic feelings. But, social media and socializing with others are inevitable right now.

So, there must be a better way to be happy for those around us without letting it become an issue. Reminding ourselves that what we see on social media is carefully curated is just the first step.

Just think about how much time we spend looking for the perfect “candid but not too candid” picture to post.  Thinking about the perfect caption to use. Thinking about the filter, etc. And somehow we keep looking at pictures of the “perfect vacation” our friend’s mother’s cousin that lives in Thailand just took and we assume that that’s how their actual life looks like.

At the end of the day, we each have our own path. So, what if we don’t have the perfect job out of college. Or aren’t doing what we thought we were at the time we hoped. There is no actual “right path” when it comes to life. So, maybe we should focus on our own path.