Stop Re-Defining Beauty & Accept it Can Never Be Defined

stop re-defining beauty

Whether it’s the cover of a magazine, an article titled “so and so is redefining beauty,” or the phrase everyone loves to throw around, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” we constantly seek a definition of beauty. But in this journey we deny ourselves the true meaning of beauty altogether, the fact that it has no definition.

The X Factor

Too many times we’ve tried to boil beauty down to certain facial features, body types, or even personality traits. But when you look at the beautiful moments in your day-to-day, the all may exist without commonalities.

The way the foam sits on your cup of coffee, the kind face of the stranger that holds the door for you, a hillside of wildflowers or the sunset before you go to bed, all of these things hold beauty. You assume none of them really seem to have anything in common. But that’s where you’re wrong.

Untouched authenticity and acceptance. That’s where it lies. That which exists precisely how it’s intended exudes beauty at every turn. This is evident from the painted sky untouched by man or the individual acting in authentic, unreciprocated kindness.

It’s not about feigned effortlessness or any type of altercation, but discovering when and how you’re at peak authenticity.

While beauty in other people or things is often the most identifiable, why do we struggle to recognize that our own beauty is no less common?

You’re Not the Outlier

Nothing satisfies our deep desire for self-deprecation quite like the outlier mindset. We so easily witness the beauty in everyone and everything except ourselves.

What fuels this mindset? Why is it so simple to recognize everyone else’s beauty but fail to see our own? Chalk this up to complacency and routine.

You drive past the same view on the way to work everyday, you have the same breakfast each morning, and you see the same face in the mirror everyday, repetition breeds oversight. When we encounter the same moments day in and day out, we often lose the appreciation that the first instance harbored.

You’ve been staring at the same face and existing in the same mind every single day for your entire life, this makes the journey of seeing your beauty even more difficult. Conceptualizing how we appear inside and out to a stranger is impossible.

Use this phenomenon as your secret weapon. Rather than letting it emphasize how complacent you’ve grown with yourself and your appearance, start to know and appreciate the aspects of yourself that only you know.

Look at that freckle you’ve always hated or how you tap your foot in nervousness. These things only you know encapsulate your authentic self. What’s more beautiful than that?

Choosing Beauty

Making the effort to see these parts of yourself as beautiful adds up. It extends to the rest of you as well.  The little things become big things and before you know it you exist effortlessly as who you’re meant to be.

Life’s occurrences become beautiful as well. Even in the struggles you can find the light, as they make you stronger in your own way.

Everyone around you becomes easier to interact with, even those that get on your nerves. When you begin healing your relationship with yourself, all other relationships become easier at the same time.

The beauty in everyone and everything becomes apparent and life starts being just a tad more magical.

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