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Surrender: How to Fully Live Your Life

Holding on holds you back.

It’s a reoccurring concept: pondering how much we take this life for granted. How many different ways of looking at this truth do we need to fully accept and welcome it into our lives? Well, here’s another. The first step to “fully” living your life, is surrendering to it altogether.

Life is Now

What is this life is the product of a plea for another chance? Would you be satisfied with the way you’re living it? Honestly, I’m not sure if I would be.

I think we often get so caught up in this idea of pursuing life to its fullest that we forget life is now. It’s happening right this second. These plans you’re making to “live” later are wonderful, but what about today? How will you follow this passion for life you’re trying to manifest, right now?

The truly amazing part of all of this is that you can begin, make the change, right now. The only direction we ever move is forward into the next moment.

Start now. Life is happening for you, not to you. Are you happy with the way you’re living? Are you living at all?

Defining Purpose

We are blessed with the opportunity of consciousness of our own existence. Therefore living transforms for humans. It extends beyond the continued beating of a heart. It moves into something so much bigger.

In the strangest way, living just could be the complete surrender to life itself.

The Art of Surrender

The path of least resistance. As life happens for us, we must allow it. We’ve grown to believe that because we can acknowledge our own life, that we are the sole author of our stories. While this is true, we aren’t allowing complete freedom in this venture.

We’re writing our stories to be read, not simply to be written.

This is the issue.

Any author will say, individuals create art, write books and songs, all because they must. We must navigate the authorship of our own story in the same manner.

Take actions because you must. This drive for action (or inaction) is not motivated by exterior input, however. It’s not doing something because society thinks you should or because your ego is telling you it’s necessary.

This call for action comes deep from within. It’s effortless in the sense that you just know when it calls to you. It’s intuition.

Attraction of Simplicity

We’ve expertly crafted personas and methods of suppressing this all-knowing sensation in the name of acceptance, success, and all other constructs developed by the egos of humanity.

Think of a time when you’ve encountered someone who’s following this voice, their passion. They’re magnetic. Exterior attributes become irrelevant, as you grow enchanted by the vibrance in their being. The ego within them, and that which you project onto them, disintegrate.

That’s the embodiment of life itself, intuition. It’s so simple. Our egos love to complicate in order to “achieve” through overcoming these self-perpetuated obstacles to the final destination of truly living and happiness. But, our inner intuition is constantly caressing us onto the path of least resistance.

No matter how many times we’ve made a wrong turn, our inner spirit welcomes us back with open arms.


You Can Always Come Back

It’s so ironic to write about this, to have been searching for the answers, the secrets to truly living, when we are life itself.

Not only through our physical manifestation here on Earth, but through the limited, yet ever-expansive knowledge of our personal human experience.

We’re all so worried about living life to its fullest that we fail to realize we’re the embodiment of life itself.

Wake Up and Let Go

Each day, I challenge you, to set the intention of surrendering to this truth. Begin taking every moment as an opportunity to surrender to the tumultuous beauty of this reality, and the motions in which it guides you.

Lend an ear to the gentle voice of passion within you. It represents a spirit and power that knows what steps will ultimately guide you to where you need to be. Leading you to the, not-so-elusive after all, reality of happiness.

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