Unpopular Opinion: You Do Not Have to Reach Your Goals Alone

talk about your goals

There’s a quote that circulates online that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together”. This quote is often attributed vaguely to an “African” proverb, but nevertheless, it rings true for many of our lives. In a society that rewards and encourages a “rise and grind” attitude, we often feel like we have to reach our goals alone. The ups and downs and the journeys to get there are solitary ones, and we are to come out on top, wipe the dirt from our faces and say “yes! I did that!”. 

The truth is, the roads to our dreams are not paved with yellow bricks, and even if they were, we would still need friends and support to get there.

When seeking inspiration and motivation, podcasts and Pinterest offer hoards of advice on ways to reach your goals. Although most of the information is great, here’s one to ignore:

This is the WORST advice a person can receive, and yet, there’s a ted talk about it.

This is terrible advice because if you don’t tell the people in your life, talk about your goals, they can’t support you. When you’re going through a roadblock, you’d have to carry that burden on your own.

The truth is, the more people you tell about your goals and dreams, the easier it is for you to fulfill them. They’ll see that light in your eyes and they’ll aide and support you by any means necessary. Maybe the only help you need is for someone to hold you accountable, all of the goal setting apps in the world won’t know you the way your best friend does.

Any feelings of uneasiness you may have at this revelation are completely understandable. There is comfort in solitude.

Nobody talks about the hard work to achieve that “glow up” we all aspire to have. Women in expensive leggings make workouts look easy.

There’s always the risk of negative feedback. Telling your loved ones you want to travel halfway across the world to study your favorite art style may be met with some hesitation.

Talking about your weight loss goals may be met with “you don’t need to lose weight! You look great already!”. Even the idea of dyeing your hair or getting a tattoo that signifies a book you really like all may have the risk of rejection. The only person who needs to approve of your plans is yourself, but somedays you will hit a rough patch that you can’t get yourself out of, and your friends will always be there to lend a helping hand.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash