The Feminist Site We All Need

Wanna join the female fight club?

Over the past 10 years or less, we’ve seen less-traditional websites popping up. With the digital age in full swing, it can be hard to find a true gem in a sea of websites with no clear message. That’s why discovering Candace Reel and her site, The Female Collective, felt like a breath of fresh air.

Candace started The Female Collective after realizing she was unhappy in her career at 26 years old. She already had a passion for activism and feminism so channeled that into her new venture.

She describes her site as a digital platform where intersectional feminists can go to empower each other and share their journeys. She invites women to learn together while simultaneously giving a voice to marginalized communities.

Intersectional feminists are those who recognize that other identity elements such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion can impact oppression and discrimination. This type of feminism is similar to that of the Women’s March organizers who helped protest the Muslim ban and other social justice issues.

The Female Collective’s website is a trove similar to wonderland. Candace’s insightful blog touches on issues such as freeing Cyntoia Brown to how to help those affected by Hurricane Maria and other natural disasters.

Her blog helps highlight issues that only received minimal coverage in mainstream media. Throw in a playlist of songs sung by badass women and discussions on how to reduce your period cramps in a natural way, there’s something here for most women. Even if you don’t identify as a feminist.

The second side of her site, which is my favorite for obvious reasons, is the shop. Each item features a feminist leaning comment. Arguably some of the best ones are “Female Fight Club”, “Women need more sleep than men because fighting the patriarchy is exhausting”, and “Mind Your Own Uterus”.

If you need a little feminist inspiration during the day, Candace’s Instagram offers you just that.

Websites like this are much needed in today’s political climate. The fundamental rights of all women, and all people, need more representation. These topics don’t just go away once the polls have closed. Websites like The Female Collective not only become a community but keep these issues in the forefront of society.

The Female Collective is the feminist website we didn’t ask for but one we desperately needed.


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